For your lunchtime and future-stomach-needs consideration: La Lot Restaurant & Bar opens at 11 a.m. today. It's named after the betel leaf used in the generally delicious, cigar-shaped beef la lot and elsewhere in Vietnamese cooking. While the restaurant is on the ground floor of the aspirationally slick Aspira condominums, it's got its heart in the right place—inspired by "our passion for food, love of our culture, and unity of family." La Lot's menu includes Vietnamese street-food-style dishes—the sisters used to make banh xeo (savory crepes) at a neighborhood stand—as well as more upscale and fusion stuff. Owner Cynthia Hoang (Pho To Chau, Cafe Pho) also offers a full bar with a “substantial” list of drinks.

It looks all windowy and contemporary, in a pleasant way, and definitely worth a try.

Related: Gentrification is finally encroaching on the Greyhound station—one of the last few-blocks-radiuses in downtown Seattle where a person can still feel a little sketched out. Mixed feelings on this.

The la lot at La Lot.
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  • The la lot at La Lot.