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...And Its Freak-Out-Worthy Meatball Sandwich

A man and his meatballs (with manager Danny Evison at bat). Kelly O


Brian is awesome! One of my co-workers is a good friend of his, so I've gone with him many times over the years for lunch. Meatballs, lasagna, chicken and spaghetti for lunch is the best!
Attention Paul Constant:
Phrases such as "—it would wind up looking like the Civil War happened on his face. " do NOT evoke positive imagery, and poorly serve the wonderful experience available courtesy of Brian, Danny, and cast. They present superlative delectable fare; you deliver sloppy metaphors. Knock it off.
This is one of my favorite lunch places in Seattle and has been for years. I'm always amazed that the mediocre Pike Place Chowder next door has a line out the door but I can always get a seat at the Pasta Bar. The LoPriore Bros used to have a location in the Columbia Tower food court but I'm pretty sure that closed a few years back.

I could listen to Brian's banter all day long, especially with the tourists during cruise ship season. He likes to fuck with them a little bit, it's great. This place - the location, the food, the people - reminds me what I love about Seattle. Thanks for giving this overlooked spot some well deserved attention. Nice work.
Can you include the name of the place and the location in the links to places like this from the SLOG main page?
My favorite little place to grab a quick bite since I was five years old!
I'm with @4...I get that you're trying to get us to click to this story, but a lot of times I don't have time and thus will miss the subject entirely.

That said, I'm glad I read this - too bad I was just in the market last weekend and had no idea. now i'll have to find a reason to go again soon.
We had a nickname for them when I was a kid: " The Low-Priority Brothers." Dubbed as such for good reason: I grew up in the Market because my mother worked as a baker for Biringer Farms, which at the time was right across from the Bro's, & that jerk used to sneak up behind me & blow his nasty cigarette smoke in my face. I still flip them off every time I walk by as they creepily cat-call from their stanky stall..
Word to the wise: Don't eat or take the shit they're dishing out.
I have been going to this place since 1986 - the BEST pasta counter in town - quality that has never waivered in 25 years
I used to eat at the Columbia Center shop... I weighed about 200 pounds back then.. great - better start watching my waistline again
Order the mix of all three sauces together (red, green, white). It's the best!
Did this spot used to be the Pike Market Grill, that had the great chowder and salmon sandwiches?
@ 2 texaz10r:
Technically, that's "sloppy simile"... which kind of has a nice ring to it. sounds sorta like a sandwich.

As for the review, the best that can be said for le panier bread certainly is 'hey its made near here.'
Why am I reading this on Good Friday. Jesus died so I could have a meatball sub.
LOL never been? Please, this is a Seattle landmark, been going here like 10 years at least. My company even sends people to grab food from there when we're doing overtime.
Try a Stromboli, even better than the meatball sandwich, even such a thing is possible. Seriously, it's a moment when you first bite into it. Yes, one of those kind of moments. 'nuff said.
Hey gunmmoontree, anyone who carries grudges for 20+ years over being picked on a little must not know what it's like to grow up as one of four brothers! You could probably stand to do a little growing up yourself...
Hey Vapri03! So you think it's cool for a grown man to blow cigarette smoke in a kid's face? That's douche-bag assholery, not "being picked on." & if you can't understand that, you're a piece-of-shit human, too.
Sounds like gunmmoontree could use some time on the shrink's couch--non-smoking of course...
This makes me so fucking hungry.
I'm certainly not calling behavior like that "cool." I am saying that speaking in the manner you did about something that must have happened over 20 years ago, and admitting that you flip him off every time you walk by the stall isn't exactly mannerly or mature behavior itself. Your eagerness to label me a "piece-of-shit human" over an observation that was more about your current actions than what happened long ago only solidified that initial observation - that you could stand to grow up a little.

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