• Paul Hughes

Fans of departed so-nice-they-named-it-twice Afrikando Afrikando, rejoice: Chef Jacques Saar is back, in the former Banadir space on Rainier, close to downtown Columbia City.

It's called Afrikando Banadir, and Saar is making west and east African food—including, for example, the national Senegalese dish thiebou djeun ("cheb-oo-jen"), which is fish simmered in tomato sauce with eggplant, carrots, cassava, and cabbage over Jolof red rice, served with a halibut steak stuffed with fresh parsley and habanero pepper ($12.95, same with all the entrees). Hel-LO.

Another thing on the menu: yassa au poulet, a stuffed and baked half-chicken with spicy onion mustard sauce with green olives and carrots, "Offered after a long journey." Also! Breakfast from 6 to 10 a.m., seven days a week. Sounds like a journey of whatever length is in order.

A photo of the warm-and-nice-looking interior is after the jump.


Thanks to Jill, Goldy, AND Paul!