Ballard's marvelous Le Gourmand has moved back its closing-forever date to June 30th (it was originally set for June 2nd). Owners Bruce and Sarah Naftaly had left some wiggle room timewise, and demand for a last supper has been huge—hence the extension.

If you are ever going to spend a pile of money on a fancy dinner in Seattle, you should do it at Le Gourmand. Here's why. (The Stranger's paid my bill the two times I've been so far—thanks, Tim!—but I'm actually thrilled at the prospect of emptying my own wallet there in June. I CAN'T WAIT!) If you want to go, call fast—this extra month will doubtless fill up quickly.

And then, after 27 years, it's good-bye forever, Le Gourmand.*

*Except for cooking classes. Plus private parties for really rich people—damn them.