Super Dave, still goofing, now in Wallingford.
  • Super Dave, still goofing, now in Wallingford.

First there was this*...

Now Dave Nakamura—a.k.a. Super Dave—has been located behind the sushi bar at Wallingford's Shima (along with Taka Sasaki, who worked at restaurants in Kobe for 13 years before coming to the U.S.). Before moving here for high school, Super Dave grew up in Hawaii; Shima has the same owners as Hawaiian Breeze around the corner, and also serves "ono-licious" Hawaiian food.

Super Dave used to be at J Sushi in the I.D., then he did a brief stint at the get-it-all-under-one-roof Pinto Thai Bistro & Sushi Bar on Broadway (which always makes me think of this). From there, it looks like he worked at Daimonji in Georgetown and also Japanese Gourmet downtown—now he's apparently been at Shima since last fall.

Super Dave's probably the funniest guy you'll find behind a sushi bar anywhere. He's bounced around a lot, but he knows his way around a piece of fish. (More over here.) If his photo on the Shima website is any indication—see above—Super Dave's sense of humor remains intact.

*I still can't get over how completely wonderful the interview is—on their part, not mine—or how great Kelly O's photo is... eeeeeeee!