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Recent Restaurant RIPs


Did you really just rip comments from My Ballard? You couldn't find two Ballard residents to comment on it yourself (or just forego the man-on-the-street commentary)? Damn, that's lazy. And you couldn't even give them a linkback?
@1: Linked, thanks!
"had a peculiar waiting-list policy"

Ugh...why make simple things difficult.
The Local Vine basically sucked. WAY overpriced and they rarely could be bothered to wait on the patrons. Poco is/was/still is the best wine bar around.

Chao Bistro. If they could have only figured out what kind of food they wanted to make/serve and if they could get a bartender that knew how to make a drink, well, then they might have made it. Surprised it took this long. Good bye.
Could Sammie Sue Parrott PUHLEEZE come back to the corner of 12th & E Pike? She had the only place in that spot ever worth going to!
The only surprise here for me is that Snoose on Market is gone! I don't frequent either because I'm not crazy about their sauce but I thought they did pretty good business.
Ballard Ave Pub was open maybe two days a week, and nothing about it looked appealing when I walked by. It won't be missed.
Alas, poor NAOS, I knew him well, Horatio.

He was a funk brunch bar of infinite majesty.
Karam's oh no! They were so charming and the food was great. Will I still be able to get Garlic Sauce at Madison Market?
Very sad about Elemental Next Door closing. They should have closed the other place and just made Next Door the model. Good, reasonably priced food (for what you get) and wine you could pick off the wall. And a glass of champagne when you walked in the door. Crap.
Chao was a nice dive bar. Will miss.
Too bad about the Local Vine and Chao I liked those places.
Orcas Landing in Hillman City closed last week too. Not a total surprise, given that the owner was more than a little insane and/or intoxicated.
Thai Curry Simple on 12th is moving, too.
Collapsing urbism as people flee to the exurbs.
I was up on 15th recently and The Karam's space currently has a sign that says it is re-opening as Harissa Lebanese Cuisine.
Ballard Ave Pub was great, everyone can stuff if. Sorry if it wasn't as *cool* as hazelwood (cap hill for ballardites), Bal Mar (Belltown for ballardites) or Matador (Bellevue for ballardites).

Supposedly the owners sold to a restaurant. Can't wait for whatever ballcap/brastrap servicing place goes in as Ballard turns into Fremont west.
Also Snoose can die in a car fire. They had terrible service.
This is the saddest ever "Now Closed" for me. Teapot Vegetarian House on 15th Ave. was one of my absolute favorite restaurants in town. Went there more than any other place outside my neighborhood. I got the news myself last week when I went there for lunch and instead found the windows papered over.

It's a shame they moved several years ago from their original location on 15th to that second-floor spot right over the Subway. In the streetscape, the storefront just blended into the background.

I guess the only consolation is that the Teapot in Bellevue-Redmond is still around considering that it looks to be doing quite well. Can anyone confirm?

Also bummed to see that Travelers is closed. What a remarkable store, in addition to the restaurant. Then again (back to the consolations) I hadn't even realized there was a Travelers on Beacon Hill.

And finally. I seem to be on a theme of one location closing and another staying around. So if one Snoose Junction had to close, I'm glad it's the Ballard one and not the Greenwood one. The Greenwood location is a gem. The Ballard location--I'm glad now I never went there in case I'd have found that was a gem too.
Here are a couple dumb questions from an out-of-towner who was born in Seattle: Has Canlis by the Aurora Bridge closed down? I don't see any ads for it anymore. Is it because of the bad economy and that it has been notoriously listed as one of THE priciest restaurants in Seattle?
@20 No need to worry, Canlis is experiencing a bit of a renaissance right now. Their newish chef won a Food & Wine magazine best new chef award and was in the running for a James Beard award. The third generation Canlis brothers managing now put on an incredible social media campaign a couple years ago that was such a big deal around the city that local tv stations reported on it. They are still constantly being recognized locally and nationally for excellent service and wine program too. It's looking like they'll survive a while longer.
Oh no! I had possibly the best meal of my life at Elemental. Can't believe I never got to go back.
@21: tofu oyako: Thank you for the update. I'll start saving up so I can go eat there.
No mention that the Travellers space is already being replaced next month?
ballard is most certainly the new bellevue. @17, one does not have to go to matador to figure that out...ballard is so boring with nowhwere to park.
@25 How is it supposed to be the new Bellevue if there is no place to park? Please stay away, we are fine without you coming here and parking, thanks!
Oh, gawd yes, parking in Ballard is not good, and it's being so hipsterated....that said, UMA is DAMN FINE, and I thought the BF was going to MARRY his pineapple curry. I don't blame him, it was fantastic!!!
There is so much hatred for what is called the new "Fremont" and "Ballard" but at least it not some honky hideway it was 20 years ago...get over it.
I dined at The Local Vine many times years ago. That's too bad they are closing. Pretty ironic that I recently made a positive comment on a post about new restaurants opening in town. Dough!! :)

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