are you fucking him, or are you investing in his business?
Sounds awesome; however (and while I find the motivation behind the name perfectly nice and sweet), I hate restaurant names that aren't easy to pronounce. Word of mouth is important in this business, so you should probably name your restaurant something that is easily repeatable.
@2: like Schmacky?
OMG, this is so exciting, there are so few option serving dinner down here in pioneer square, it's almost all lunch only. yay!
@1: Did you miss this part?

"Food & Wine's 10 best new chefs in 2007, and James Beard Best Chef Northwest 2012"

But hey, thanks for asking! You seem really cool.
@5 so you write a glowing review before the restaurant even opens? Because he won an award? You seem really cool too!
Too bad he's been phoning it in at Sitka & Spruce for about a year now.
Finally, something exciting to eat for lunch in Pioneer Square.

It might even become part of the Stranger's two-block-radius once the Jackson St-Cap Hill trolley starts running.
Matt Dillon is legit. This is great news for Pioneer Square, and Seattle.
edgy; is this what the post asian/fusion world will look like? I'll be sure to wear my post-ironic islam scarf when I go.
Yeah I'm a little worried its too gimmicky. No stove? Why? I bet the Berberriest Berbers have stoves these days.
Remind us so then.
@1: There's nothing wrong with being excited about a renowned chef opening a new restaurant. No need to be irrationally suspicious, disrespectful, and vile.
Pioneer Square also boasts Seattle's only vintage pet supply store and As a business owner in Pioneer Square I am thrilled for this news. Combat gentrification by supporting a neighborhood that already did.
#7, He may not be there everyday but I'm in Melrose Market every week to pick up my CSA farmshare from Marigold & Mint and have seen him there on several occasions. He's probably more involved than you assume.
When a Chef like Matt stops being at his restaurant 24/7 it generally means that he has well trained cooks and he trusts his employees to continue to do the same quality work while he's not there. He also has to watch over the Corson Building, Bar Ferdinand, The Old Chaser Farm (his farm on Vashon), and the bread production, let alone Sitka, all while planning the opening of Sajor. It's hard enough to open one restaurant and have it be successful. Personally I'm impressed and will always be a fan.
FYI: the bread of Sitka & Spruce and the Corson Building is 1) not wood-fired and 2) I think the person who actually developed the recipe and bakes the bread everyday should be recognized. That someone is named Michael Sanders and for a long time, on both corson and Sitka menus the bread was called Michael's bread. Michael developed the recipe in his own home because he fell in love with making bread. Matt Dillon has supported Michael by providing a roof, the flour, an oven, and a venue for the bread. The real stories behind the food and restaurants and chefs whose work we love are so rarely written or recounted truthfully. The beautiful sourdough sold at Sitka is Michael's bread and I hope Mr. Sanders gets the recognition he deserves.

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