Way to go, (insert first name)! My mother and father are even proud of you.
Well how very coincidental, Goldy. I did the same thing this year: found a forgotten seed packet, planted a mini-row of Blue Lakes, and have been gobbling them out of hand for several weeks now. I'd forgotten how good they are raw, hadn't grown 'em in several years.

Next year I'm going to try Fortex (gets rave reviews) and trial a couple of the yellow or purple varieties. My only beef (beef with beans!) is that the green beans are hard to see with my aging eyeballs against the green foliage, so maybe the colored species will be easier to harvest.
You should make edamame,..

or pickle them with some peppers and use them in Bloody Marys to start your day since you don't drink Whiskey...
Lonesome Burp, you sound like you might be kind of tight with the Gman, if i may ask, what's his first name?
That's cool, silence is golden. Nicknames are fun to make up anyway. I'm thinking something retro, kind of like in the olden days when people, out of necessity and shitty wages, had to grow their own food. People who's children and grandchildren want none of that back-to-earth crap and gladly eat at Taco Bell, because "nature" and "green" reminds them of childhood, and having to suck on a lemon for a snack. Yeah, something retro, a name like Dick Van Patten or Dick Van Dyke... get it? Richard Goldy!
Chop them into a good vinaigrette. Yummy!
@5 Goldy is my name. That's what most of my friends and family call me. But if you're looking for my legal name, I don't hide it.
@8 thanks. my friends don't call me by my real name 'dnt trust me' either. i usually go by 'Goliath.'
Really? A pole bean troll?
@9 Yeah. Apparently. It's an awfully big Internet.
@10 this dude has been one of the oddest trolls on Slog lately, he's making SRotU and WiS seem like perfectly helpful commenters.
@10 It is truly an awesome and ever-expanding Internet. But the places where some folks seek fulfillment never cease to amaze.

Thanks for the garden posts. They're a nice break from our national quadrennial autumnal shouting festival.
believe me, we're all in this together, wanting The Stranger to be the best it can be. If some chaps can't take a little friendly fire, oh well (or folks like Paul Constant ignoring the friendly fire like a genuine pussy).
We need a new two block radius tag for Goldy's yard.
Goldy, I love your garden. It's funny, you seem to be running about a month or so behind Wisconsin. We're almost done here...
@13 see, this is what I'm talking about. 'Friendly fire'? What on earth are you trying to say? Goldy's first name wasn't even some kind of secret, he's a pretty public person. If you had just clicked on his name, you could have learned it on your own.
16- I hear ya. I'm already more than a six-pack in for the night, Monday night football and all. I'll see ya in Slog another time, a more sober time.
my beans went wild this year in full sun--so many we couldn't keep up with them, and now we have ginormous foot-long beans hanging from the trellis. the hummingbirds loved them, which is a bonus with bean-growing.
@15 We have a zone of temperate weather. It's the ocean. And we have large bodies of water all around us besides. Then there's the mountains that surround us on both sides. So even though we may have close latitudes, we have special circumstance. Or, in other words, weird seasons. And Wisconsin, if I recall correctly, has some awesome cold weather. Awesome cold and long.

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