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Ridge Pizza on Phinney Ridge

Kelly O


Love this place. Tasty tasty.
Awesome place. I go here when dog sitting for family and it is really great. Solid taps. Only one or two that rotate but still a nice selection.
The pizzas there are outstanding. They're all named after some connection to the neighborhood, such as the fire station, Santoro's Books, Oliver's Twist, etc. I was sooo skeptical about a "family-friendly" restaurant opening up in the n'hood, but this place has quickly become a great asset. (I seem to recall that the owner also owns 74th Street Alehouse up the street. Has anyone else heard that?)
Never actually had their cocktails, but it's a wonderful place regardless.
Let's see, they've got booths, light-bulbs, photographs, and Thursday evenings,

what about doors and windows?, do they have doors and windows?

is this a review? or free advertisement ala Seattle
Times and Rob McKenna?

Is it thick or thin crust, what kind of toppings, how was the service, was it overpriced, average, or cheap? those are the kinds of things in a review, not wood paneling, and rambling grannies.

the commenters gave better more informative review than the writer.
Good food and good service. But please please please address the acoustics.
@3: Believe one owner is actually that of Prost (near 74th) and its associated bars. Think another is that of Nickerson Street Saloon.

With all that pedigree, its semi-bland but totally passable decor and food seem to make sense.
Thanks, thename. It is Prost, not 74th Street Alehouse that he owns. Didn't know about the NSS. As for "semi-bland but totally passable decor and food", success speaks for itself. The place is usually hopping and is clearly filling a niche.
Agreed, NYSM. It is generally decently busy and clearly filled a niche. That said, Phinney Ridge lunch options are fairly slim pickings. Like I said it's totally, comfortably fine and people are happy enough to patronize it. Which is a good thing.

But, as you say: success speaks for itself. Which is why I'll keep my fingers crossed for a Red Robin, Chipotle, Jimmy John's, or some other focus-grouped, successful product.
Yes it's everybody else that's the outlier. Not your shitty taste at all, eh @9?
Apparently I missed the <sarcasm> tag in my comment.

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