Food & Drink Dec 5, 2012 at 4:00 am

Wann Japanese Izakaya


Okay, but what's that thing in the photograph?
@1 Soup by the thimbleful?
How can this be posted with a picture of a mysterious drink containing an egg yolk but without a description of the mysterious drink? Not even a caption? If I go to the restaurant, do I order a "KELLY O?"
That looks delicious! I can't find it on the menu! ?!
Their Cosmopolitan seems to have gone lumpy.
Really dependably disinterested / apathetic servers and bartenders at this place. Expect to wonder if they care to sell you anything at all. Food and booze are fine.
Giving a glowing review to a Japanese restaurant on Pearl Harbor Day? Why do you hate America?
Great happy hour for sure. One of the few spots you can reliably find decent takoyaki near downtown.
I love-love-love this place! The photo, my bad, as it's not mentioned in the text, is the official Wann Oyster Shooter.

Huge, delicious, raw. It'll put hair on your chest.

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