Food & Drink Dec 12, 2012 at 4:00 am

Plus, Fish Cakes in Belltown

May Kitchen & Bar. May Thai


Jhanjay in Wallingford is the best Thai in Seattle, but this place looks neat.
"metmamuanghimmaphan" That looks like several words stuck together. Thai words are seldom longer than two syllables.
It's not the best Thai in Seattle. Thai Tom's is the best Thai in Seattle. Methinks you are being overawed by the best Thai restaurant interior decorating in Seattle :-) .
I like (super-divey) Thai Tom, too, and (no restaurant at all, just streetside) Little Uncle is GREAT, and the new (and cheery-cafe-like) Mai Thaiku in Phinney Ridge seems really good so far. You're right insofar as the best-ness here is a combo of food and atmosphere. Also, not in Seattle, so...

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