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Can a Cheese Sandwich Served in a Parking Lot Be Worth 10 Bucks?

The owners (they’re brothers) with their sandwich sword and magical cheese owl. Kelly O


Don't forget the tomato soup! Gotta have tomato soup with your grilled cheese.
only thing getting grilled is the customer. $10 bucks for an over hyped gooey piece of shit. Thanks for nothing ya greedy cunts
@1 - Cheese Wizards have a killer tomato soup! With basil, and a slice of parmesan cheese. IT IS SO GOOD.

In Seattle, almost every sandwich is $10 everywhere.
Look at these motherfuckers:…

Seattle is still the type of backwater that lacks a food CART scene, which is the real measure of street food. :-(
"TOBIAS COUGHLIN-BOGUE?" Pics of his driver's license, or this didn't happen.
Two words - Pickled Grapes. Monte Cristo has 'em and they are the most perfect pairing with the Full Monty. Just...heaven. The sandwich is on the small side, but the flavor is ridic. I'm about quality over quantity. If it was $9 for a shitty small sandwich I'd be pissed, but it isn't. It's so delightful to my tastebuds!
Thats the same price and garbage the Morris truck does here in NYC. $10 for a fucking grilled cheese from a truck is stupid. Grilled cheese has a low point of diminishing returns, the basic, simple one will always be better than a fancy one. Morris has all the above and you gotta wait (They also have some good homemade shit like sodas the truck in this article sells tim's chips so they are already morons), or go into any bodega and get one for 2 dollars that is just as good.
wtf? cosmic cheese sammich a buck. everbody knows that..hey now.
Maybe devoting multiple SLOG food reviews to grilled cheese turns SLOG into the caricature that is Portlandia. Maybe, it doesn't. Maybe you should only review grilled cheese trucks from now on. HEY! Maybe I'll open a cheese wagon myself and call it the Cheese Wieners. You're a food critic :(
Besides being from a name chef, Monte Christo is also from a major corporation (Bon Appetit)…
@3 a sandwich is not 10$ at any of the places I buy sandwiches. That's a ludicrous statement. I get bahn mis at loads of Vietnamese restaurants for 3-4$ and I can think of at least two joints to get tortas from between 5.50 and 7.50. I think 10$ for a grilled cheese is ridiculous. I could make probably 10 pretty good ones for that price.

I wonder if I was given free food to write a article if I'd be singing a different tune, but until then, I'll take a BBQ pork bahn mi and a large Pho for the same price.
I'm actually in Da Nang as I type and spelled banh mi wrong twice. Ohhh the shame.
As a proud consumer of grilled cheese sandwiches, I could not agree more, except by maybe taking out an ad in teh Stranger proclaiming my love for them. I appreciate that folks have to make a living but $10 for these sandwiches breaks my little heart.

These guys should should switch to fish and chips (with diff kinds of fish) and serve that with really healthy side salads, ya know, to erase the guilt.
@5 Clearly a pseudonym to protect the writer from the wrath of grilled cheese truck owners who disagree with this review.
The Cheese Wizard brothers offer a good product, with the most amazing bedside manners. Really nice guys. Really good sandwiches. kick ass soup for those lactards out there feeling all left out by the cheesy goodness. AND a most amazingly nerdy humorous website. Love you cheese wizards!
The perfect grilled cheese is Kraft American on wonder fried in a generous slab of margarine, as Jesus intended. A side of Campbell's cream of tomato soup adds a holy blessing to the experience.
Beecher's cheese. Sometimes I add Tillamook pepper jack. Dave's killer bread. Farman's cucumber chips.

& tomato soup.

I would never pay $10 for a grilled cheese sandwich, not when that would get you a bag full of banh mi.
Unless the sandwich comes with some kind of side, $10 is way overpriced even for Seattle. Most sandwich places on the hill run more around $8.00 and they come with fries, salad, or a cup of soup.
Skillet used to charge $11 for a slider. If you need to eat from a truck to be cool you pay the price.
$10 for a grilled cheese... Only if it comes with fries and a pint. Otherwise, fuck off.
The Sorrento Hotel charges $13.
But they use Beecher's cheese, and it comes with tomato soup.
Plus you get to sit in the Hunt Club and be waited on while you consume it.
This article's calling it the food truck "scene" perfectly describes the Food Truck FAD.

There is no way one would logically prefer dining in the Seattle dreary raininess (Portland's not better, OR snobs), standing in parking lot puddles with a paper plate in one hand, plastic fork in another, napkins tucked underneath armpit, Dixie cup of overpriced beverage balanced on some random car's bumper, rain and bird poop coming down on your farm-to-parking-lot precious creation....unless you're doing it only because it's HIP.

People do a lot of masochistic things for a fad. Paying $10 for a grilled-cheese sandwich out in the wet and cold is a perfect example.
Cheese Wizards does have a basic grilled cheese sandwich for under 5 bucks, and it comes with chips and sauce and soup and nice dudes in a fun truck. Their pricier sandwiches are huge, and have a pound of expensive cheese on em. You guys are nuts.
Why would you want a lb of cheese on a sandwich?
Then you would be too full to finish your beer!
Seattle Yuppies with too much cash on hand...

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