Behind Metropolitan Market, across the street from what is now just a shell of the old Easy Street Records, is a brand new self-serve frozen yogurt shop called Yeti Yogurt. Yesterday was their first day of business.

The toppings bar has three different kinds of mochi bits, those popping boba things, the usual array of fruit, nuts, cereals, and sauces, as well as the option of putting your yogurt in a waffle bowl, and their yogurt selection included flavors like black cherry, salted caramel, mocha, pineapple, and thin mint. And! They had sample cups sitting out on the counter, too, so you try as many flavors as you wanted without getting judging looks from the staff.

Also: They have Red Bull flavor. I did not try it. That sounds gross. But the black cherry and cupcake batter (topped with a small brownie and candy-coated sunflower seeds) were delicious.

According to their Facebook page a University District location is opening in May.