Boarded up door and windows? That looks ominous.
Probably going to get knocked down - it's a tiny little house-looking thing, about a block away from the planned Roosevelt tunnel exit. The area's been rezoned for buildings up to 85 feet.
The Collapse is approaching, Seattle.
Dear Leader has it right: soon, very soon, every entity - whether it be business or residential - will abandon their Seattle homes and businesses for pleasant suburban locales. Downtown Kent will be the new Pike/Pine, the Kentridge area the new Queen Anne.

You have all been warned.....
Never ate there. Did you?
I definitely ate there, and loved it! At least we still have the Indo Cafe up at Northgate!
Kasihan... mudah2an Pak Djoko akan pindah ke tempat baru. Akan rindu makanannya dan kesahabatan mereka.
PSA: Indo Cafe moved to Shoreline, looks like the Aurora Village area. They knocked down the whole shopping complex where it was located, in order to build another apartment tower.

(You know, because everybody is leaving for the suburbs.)

Signed, a sad Northgate resident who likes Indonesian food.
@9 What in the hell is wrong with you?
@9 wins the Internet.

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