I would bathe in caramel if I could, ideally while having a beer. The closest I have come to realizing this dream is drinking Peddler Brewing Company's caramel ESB. It was served on a wooden sampler tray of eight tiny beers that made me feel like I was at an elf party. The bicycle-themed bar and brewery opened recently in a voluminous Ballard warehouse that has been aptly compared to a Viking hall. Co-owner (and engineer) Dave Keller designed the attractive indoor bike rack made from metal pipes, the bathroom sink has brake levers as faucet handles, and the cement bar is inlaid with bike parts. The bar will soon offer tools patrons can check out to fix up their bikes while drinking, and basic bike accoutrements like tubes and patch kits will be for sale.

Dave began brewing his own beer in college simply because it was cheaper than store-bought beer. Both avid cyclists, Dave and co-owner Haley Woods were excited to combine their hobbies at Peddler. The city has plans to install a "bike corral" outside to provide more parking. As I was leaving, it became clear why this is necessary—a raucous group of 80 members of the Washington Beer Lovers club arrived wearing necklaces of pretzels and quickly took every bike parking space available. recommended