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Can Rain Shadow Meats Squared Justify a Place in Seattle's Sandwichiest Neighborhood?

It is pretty, isn’t it? Kelly O


Any sandwich on the menu at RS2 is far and away better than any of the $12 sandwiches at Homegrown, the most overrated “upscale" sandwich place in town. Yet, somehow there are 4 star reviews on Yelp. I don’t think the Stranger has been there since 2009 .. perhaps it’s time for a sandwich- off ... the best sandwiches in Seattle! I nominated 1. Dinette 2. Dots 3 Paseo 4. Rainshadow 5. Salumi
The best sandwich in town? The one I make it myself at home.....nuff said!
Tried the corned beef & rye sandwich a few months back at Rain Shadow; they opt for a caraway coleslaw as opposed to sauerkraut. Unfortunately, the slaw was very plain and tasteless and I could not detect the caraway. Without that extra, crispy tang of the kraut or a more flavorful slaw, the sandwich just didn't stand out. Maybe they've adjusted this since my last visit?
$12? That sandwich better make me do back flips and have an orgasm.
Dear Christopher,
We are not purists up here. We drink anything we can get our hands on. And the key you're looking for is the Caps Lock key. It's right over there on the left hand side of your keyboard.

Yours truly,
Pioneer Square is the hit for sandwiches, it's easy to get tired of places so I've been going to rain shadow about twice a week since it opened. Definitely stands up to delicatus and salumi.
The reason it's the sandwich capitol of Seattle is the high tech workers like me to whom a $12 sandwich is actually a several-times-a-week food.

Went once, had the Zuni. It was fine but could've been more interesting and substantial. Also took quite a while to make; it was 1pm and there was pretty much no one else in there, so I was surprised to have to wait so long for my to-go order.

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