I wonder if I’m alone in this: I have memories of my first blackberry seasons as a kid in Seattle—walking on tiptoe to reach the biggest, thumb-sized berries and coming away scraped and torn, sometimes unable to tell which skin stains came from the berries, and which were my own blood.

This kind of urban foraging (to me) was and still is a regular part of living here. But having a network of other fruit sources to pick from never occurred to me—until now. Okay, I haven’t tried it yet, but fallingfruit.org presents me with another city, a city composed of user-submitted pindrops of harvestable vegetation. Some are plants and trees that I wouldn’t normally look to for food, but they’re listed because people use their sap, or use their flowers for teas. There’s also an abundance of apples, plums, and cherries—but I don’t know how often the map is updated. Has anyone tried this in Seattle?