Food & Drink Jul 31, 2013 at 4:00 am

The Architecture of White Wine


Three mass-produced, soulless wines that have nothing to say about where they were grown and produced. The money that the museum spends on those wines goes directly into the coffers of big business companies whose very nature suppresses diversity and honesty in the wine world.

And otherwise good-natured restaurants support these brands because of laziness and ignorance. Disappointing.
@1: It's a joke. Get it?
They serve three white wines, and none of them are from the PNW? And a sauvignon blanc and two chardonnays? You'd think an art museum could exercise a bit more imagination...

I'm with @2 on this one - why can't venues that are quintessentially 'local' not serve food and drink that better reflect the region?

There's no shortage of exceptional Washington and Oregon wines to round out a menu: how about replacing the California chardonnay with one from Washington, and tossing aside the French chardonnay completely in favor of something a bit more eclectic like a nice Washington semillon or viognier, or Oregon pinot blanc?

I shudder to think of the reds they're pouring - probably two cabs and a merlot, served at 'room temperature' instead of an appropriate 55-60 degrees...
Charles can joke?

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