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Feed them to a baby giraffe!
The most over rated fruit of all time....the peach
..nectarines are pretty danged good right about now too
...nectarines are pretty danged good right now too...
Yes, Nectarines are really good right now. But I think I missed peak plum yumminess this year :(
@5 I've had some real great red plum/pluot things from Frog Hollow in the last week! I get them from metropolitan market. Not sure where else they're sold. But they're real good!
Fuck that, farmer's markets for the win. I had a super juicy one on the way home yesterday, I couldn't wait!
So jelly of being near a market that posts sweetness levels.

Peaches and nectarines have broken my heart SO MANY TIMES.

I wish the FTC or FDA or somebody would require markets to make available specific info about the fruit they sell—what variety, freestone/cling, complimentary taste slivers, etc.

So often I've bought beautiful, just-yielding-to-pressure stone fruit only to find them mealy, unsweet, or needing to be hacked to bits for consumption because of fibers extending from the seed to within ¼" of the skin.

I love a perfect nectarine that unscrews neatly into halves when I cut it round the raphe, the seed pops out, and it dribbles nectar-of-the-gods off my chin at the first bite.
Someone said the peach is overrated....but not so IF you get a perfect peach. I agree with Rob - so seldom do we get that. Mealy ones ruin us for trying! BUT Sosa's at Pike Place Market generally gets what they call the Oh My God peaches in August and, well, that's some seriously sweet, perfectly textured peach. Except ONCE. I even got mealy ones of those. : ( Still, I'll always try them.
Do you mean Fuck the Pain Away Peaches? Love that Peaches, but otherwise I'd rather have smooth skin than a mouth full of fuzz.
Peaches come from a can!
Re. the "Oh My God" peaches at Sosa's. They can be spectacular, but they are often merely "Oh My" peaches. And sometimes, as you say, they can be just "Oh." peaches.
Sosio's. Not Sosa's.
I once ate a peach that was so delicious, I said, "you deserve to reproduce!" So I planted it in a neglected spot of the yard and forgot about it. This year I will be making jam from her offspring!

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