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A Contemplation of the Frankfurter Form at the Augustus


Thank God, then, for the Texan.
When's the last time I might have heard those words cross someone's lips, and in reference to whom? Ann Richards? Tommy Tune? Janis Joplin? LBJ?
Am I just old &/or out of touch, or does $10 seem like a lot for even a super duper fancy hot dog?
@2 A sausage and chips from Dante's runs $7... so you're paying $3 extra to sit down in Fremont.

In other words, yes.
Anyone who thinks sausage = hotdog isn't just out of touch they lack taste buds.
Cute little Seattle thinks it can compete w/ Hot Doug's. So cute little Seattle, but no, you cannot compete w/ Hot Doug's.
You people and your meat. "Wild textural journey"? It's just meat, you freaks.
Is that bbq sauce on a sausage? I can't tell you people how to live your lives, but I'd like to tell you to stop doing that.

Spot on. What is this shit?
It's just meat, you freaks.
I smell a T-shirt...

Go the fuck back to Chicago, "Tall Chris".
This, like most Seattle "street food" and "gormet" fast food is over priced. But it makes the privileged Yups who live here think they are "getting real" with food, while not having to foray into the "bad neighborhoods" for the real thing.

I mean seriously, food trucks selling stuff on paper plates for $15, $20 and up? Please.

Seattle, gotta love it... The next San Francisco (at least rent-wise)...

Snob central.
@4 - OK then, $10 for even a super fancy SAUSAGE on a bun with stuff on it seems like a lot to me.
Note to reviewer Paul Constant:


When used in English, it is sometimes misspelled (and pronounced) habañero — the diacritical mark being added as a hyperforeignism.

It's traditionally and correctly pronounced habanero. To impose the enye (ñ) where it is neither needed nor proper, fails to make you sound like a smarter or more sophisticated Yankee.

Regarding the "Texan" shown in the article; I'm from Houston, and the revolting combination of Cole slaw, barbecue sauce and sausage on a roll could possibly get the joint shut and run out of town.
A $10 hot dog... Yeah. Seattle.
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Just as Andrew responded I'm alarmed that anyone can make $4705 in 1 month on the computer.
But Seattleites NEED to make that much to afford $10-$15 street food hotdogs and $1500 rooms - er, "studio appartments"...
I love sausage very much!
Sausage is my favorite product after chicken fillet.
I love sausage very much too...

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