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It Takes 1,500 Pounds of Ginger to Make the Best Drink You'll Ever Have

Cocktails made with the world’s best ginger beer at RGB Market. Kelly O


RGB is awesome and so is Rachel. There is one caveat - after trying it, every other ginger beer will taste like garbage.
Had this in Seattle when I was there last week. Best ginger beer I've ever had! Downside - now I'm back home in MN and can't get my hands on it :(
Had it for the first time this weekend. Came away very confused...tasted way more like ginger-tinged lemonade than ginger beer.
Hey I like ginger ale cocktails - that natural brew one is good or reeds w extra ginger. Don't like cock and bull too astringent/bitter. Rachels is a good match for high-end white tequila and lime?
@3 is right.

Bundaberg makes ginger beer. Rachel makes lemonade, not ginger beer. It is a fine drink on the merits but it's WAY too citrus-y to be characterized as a ginger drink.
I loves me some ginger in almost anything. And a good ginger ale on a hot day is pretty close to heaven. But 1500 lbs. of ginger? Wow. I hope they get it wholesale!!
No fermentation? No ginger beer plant? Eight hours?

I love ginger, and I'm sure it's delicious, but I'm not sure it's really ginger beer. It's certainly not the way they make it in the UK.
Yeah, this is ginger soda. Ginger beer takes a few weeks to ferment with ginger beer plant, a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria. Sort of like what makes kombucha, though in this case ginger beer plant is Saccharomyces florentinus and Lactobacillus hilgardii. The L. hilgardii is what gives it real depth of flavor and interest.

Once you try real ginger beer, everything else pales.
Have to agree w/ @8way RGB tastes like ginger soda to me & to sweet for my taste. To each their own I guess. I do, however, dislike how they self-promote the stuff at Montana; friend ordered whiskey gingers & they put that shit in it (thumbs down to that non-sense).
If you want ginger *beer* with the plant and all, go to Standard Brewing. They make a beautiful and awesome ginger beer. We love both!
Anything that people, "Coo" over, gets an automatic black mark in my book.
I am actually pretty irritated that they are calling this ginger beer. It's soda pop. I am always on the hunt for a good ginger beer, got my hopes up! My favorite is called Crabbies.
It's good, but it's just not gingery enough for me.
Best (and only) ginger BEER on tap I've ever had was at microbrasserie du liévre in Lausanne, Sui. Changed my life, been looking for something similar ever since with little success.
Pumpkin rocks. Ginger sody pop lady.

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