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I Will Miss You and Your Most Delicious Food

Zayda Buddy’s breakfast pizza, Cupcake Royale’s Deathcake, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Full Tilt’s fine work (sadly on the floor). ice cream & RGB photos by Kelly O


We're going to miss the HELL out of you, dear amazing astonishing marvelous Megan Seling. Very best wishes in TN!
You can't miss Seattle as much as Seattle will miss you.
Born-and-raised Nashvillian here that's lived in Seattle the past few years.

Trust me, you'll find some Nashville favorites. And, for Christ's sakes, eat the hell out of some hot chicken for me. Kthxbye!
You were always my favorite movie reviewer even though the reviews were rare.
Nice, I'm moving to Nashville this summer. See ya at the honky tonks.
1. Where ya'll from?
2. What church do you go to?

...just thought you should get in some practice answering Nashvillians two, favorite questions.

If you're brave enough to venture outside of Tennessee's lone blue county (Davidson), take the back roads instead of the highways...

...and have fun, kiddo.
Good luck in Nashville Megan. I'll miss your posting on the NHL, particularly since nobody else at the Stranger seems to have an interest in doing it:(.
Side note, The Wild Cow in Nashville has awesome vegan food.
Megan, as my farewell gift to you, in gratitude for all the food porn you've dangled before my eyes and the cookbook you gave the world, I offer you this internet facsimile of General Foods' 1959 Animal Cut-Up Cakes, featuring Baker's Angel Flake Coconut. You can enlarge the individual page images almost to blurry legibility.

More here on another site.

It's a retro blast. Somewhere among all my family's accumulated junk is an actual copy of this. I'll keep an eye out.

Best wishes to you and your husband, and thanks again.
I'm already mourning the impending total collapse of Slog's hockey coverage. Nevertheless, all the best (and even better!) to you.
Painfully not vegan, but maybe check out Prince's Hot Chicken. Doesn't get more Nashville than that. Don't forget to write home.
That Nutter Butter might be the most delicious thing in Seattle.

Good luck, Megan.
We will miss you too Megan. Who is going to pick up the Hockey slack when you're gone? Those other assholes at The Stranger probably don't know icing from offside. You need to be a guest columnist occasionally, just to let us know what's up in Nashville. If you don't promise to do that, we won't let you leave. Ha! So there.
I wish you the best of luck Megan although I'm so sorry to see you go. So, so sorry. You'll be greatly missed.
Hi Megan--welcome!

You will find the hot dog you need (or "not dog" as I prefer) at Cori's Dog House. Order "The Seattle."

As for the rest, it will be tough, but there are quite a few of us here who can guide you along the way.
Hi Megan--welcome!

You will find the hot dog you need (or "not dog" as I prefer) at Cori's Dog House. Order "The Seattle."

As for the rest, it will be tough, but there are quite a few of us here who can guide you along the way.
Have fun watching Kane score on Nashville over and over and over again
Megan, the city's going to be a worse place without you. Remember, if Nashville doesn't live up to your dreams, we will welcome you back with silently judging open arms and a shitload of ginger beer.
There's no Arnold's in Seattle. A goddamn national treasure, Arnold's is. Nashville is a great city with an amazing music scene and you will LOVE it. Bon Voyage!
You'll be missed, Megan :( I still remember reading that amazing story you wrote about Martha Stewart cookies. Best wishes!
Happy trails to you, Megan, it's been a blast reading you!

@16 I ate at Cori's on Saturday after the Vandy football game, so good!
Shame to see Megan go, but I think it's only right that she do her part to make Nashville an even more awesome place than it apparently already is.

I also think it's only fitting that Megan move to Nashville, considering the striking similarities between her and another Nashville resident, Carrie Underwood, and I'm not talking anything musical. Consider...

Megan Seling: Nashville Predators fan. Carrie Underwood: Married to a Nashville Predator.

Megan Seling: Vegan. Carrie Underwood: Vegan.

Ah, the information I somehow store in my brain.
It seems like an odd choice for someone with such an aversion to Mars Hill to move to a part of the country which might as well be a gigantic Mars Hill theme park. I wish you luck though. Your Twitter feed is pretty hilarious. I hope the baby giraffe at Woodland Park is cool with you moving.
Rachel's Ginger Beer now delivers nationwide! At $66 and up for four 32-ounce growlettes, it ain't cheap (ships in a refrigerated box), but still, hot damn!
@27 AHHH!! Kalakalot, you just made my day! I bet I can get another Nashville friend to go in on an order to make it a little cheaper.

And everyone else: <3 HOLY SHIT, YOU'RE THE NICEST PEOPLE.
wow. good catch Nashville. you son's of bitches.
So now The Stranger has ZERO staff that are actully from the North West.
your depression article was one of the better anecdotal pieces i've seen printed in the stranger, in my 11 years here.

i've enjoyed agreeing with you on jawbreaker and hot water music, and disagreeing with you on against me!'s evolution and the red hot chili peppers.

i never got to know you when i worked upstairs at the paper, but i appreciated your work. best of luck down south.
I'm super happy for you but sad for me as a reader. So there.
Megan - I will miss your columns! Best of luck! I hear Nashville is a beautiful town!
Than Brothers? Seriously?
the only journalist in Seattle that cares about hockey.
Be sure to check out Cooper and the Jam in Nashville. She's from Oregon, and they're a great blue-eyed soul band.
Miss you already Megan!!!

Now make Tennessee BLUE!!!!

Considering how much Megan loves conventional baked goods and ice cream, I'm guessing that she's not a vegan.
Is there an opening for Stranger hockey editor? I loved seeing those updates from you. Californication was the only CD in Africa when we visited. RHCP are not good, but that one is timely.

There seems to be no seafood your list, which probably is an allergy or aversion, but Walrus & Carpenter is the best restaurant in the city and has great drinks (although Bathtub Gin is great too), and Jack's or Pike St Fish Fry has the best fish and chips in Seattle. Pike St Chowder has pretty amazing scallop chowder. Jhahjay's Pad Kee Mao is as good as Bangkok. etc, etc, etc
....who is this?
All the very best in Nashville, Megan! You will be deeply missed!

And... YEAH--like what @37 suggests---can you make Tennessee BLUE?
Yes, the Martha Stewart Cookie-Recipe-a-Day piece was gold. I think of you every Christmas. You're gonna be missed!
It is with a heavy heart that I must report that today is Megan's last day at the paper. Thanks, everybody, for all the (completely deserved) kind words for her—let's heap some more on and make her cry (I know I'm going to).

Also! More Megan appreciation/stories over here:…

Good-bye Megan...snurf....the Stranger will be much less strange without you. You'll be back...YOU'LL BE BACK !
Megan, your article "The Long Winter" is still an inspiration to me, as melancholy as it is. It's a beautiful piece of writing, and I share it whenever I can. You'll be missed.

Reading this made me a little weepy. I hope you continue to write about bands for us.
As a Texan living in the tiny burg of Puyallup, I can tell are going to love it. The people are friendly, the food is good. How I miss my homeland. No, I don't hate Washington, but it will never, ever be home.
Memphis kicks Nashvilles white washed country and touristy Broadways ass. (Former Seattlite) You'll be back.
I'm from Nashville, Megan, and in 1972 when I left it, I swore I'd never return. I caught the proverbial first train out as soon as I was old enough to do so (proverbial because there's no passenger train service to Nashville and there hasn't been since the 60s). The people there were very set in their ways and pretty much pathologically conservative. But, age has told me, everything changes, and I hear now that it's a pretty cool place. And of course, I did return on a few occasions several years after 1972 for the holidays and such when the bitterness had worn off.

Best wishes, Megan. And always. You're still going to have to deal with a lot of Republicans though. I know you can handle it.
I love Monells, Arnolds, I dream of weenie, the music, Percey Warner Park, Sunshine, Thunderstorms, being able to see the moon and stars at night. And, oh yeah, fireflies.
Dang, still can't believe you are really heading out to Nashville. I am so already missing your writing! Do you plan to write for some incredibly-lucky-to-have-you local rag in Nashville? I hope so! You have been such a huge part of so many cool things in town and at the Stranger, I was especially fond of your underage column and your championing of the Vera Project.
Bon Voyage, keep in touch, Nashville is way too lucky.
Uhh, there's this scallion-infused fried tofu I've been unable to find anywhere but Seattle....
I wish you the best of luck Megan although I'm so sorry to see you go. So, so sorry. You'll be greatly missed.

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