Food & Drink Dec 4, 2013 at 4:00 am

The Old Sage vs. Canon: Which Is Better?

Canon, above; the Old Sage, below right. Kelly O


Dont be fooled: the celery char is delicious.
The amberjack at Old Sage is one of the best pieces of meat I've ever had.

But it was 4 pieces for $17, and the drinks were completely fucking forgettable. Don't see it lasting.
Those steamed pork buns at Canon are fantastic!

I had them on my first visit, and have had them on every one since.

I thought Old Sage was okay, but there are better options in the neighborhood. Like Canon.
"The party crowd is already coming to the Old Sage on weekend nights..." is all I need to know. PASS.
"The party crowd" = "The Bellevue crowd"
If you're into absurd spectacle, get the Campfire in Georgia at Canon. It also tastes pretty good, for what it's worth, and leaves your hands smelling of smoke all night.
Given the location, party crowd probably means Seattle U. In other cities, parties are fun, and people even dance sometimes. But have a seat, and feel free to wallow.
What @6 said. I love my central hill apartment, but I'm tired of not being able to get a drink anywhere in my neighborhood from Thursday through Sunday. It's total hipster-person-first-world-problems, but it's still a problem.
If you can afford those prices you aren't paying nearly enough in taxes. And I think that proves why we need an income tax in Washington
See unfortunately price affects quality, because you don't get one in a vacuum. So a $9 dollar roll is the worst roll, because it is nine dollars. So the place is known for it's insanely shitty rolls.
@7 The Campfire in Georgia is amazing! Is that the one with mezcal and a side of burning wood chips served under a bell jar?

Nothing at Old Sage is as ridiculous as the spotlighted locomotive mural on that weirdly empty wall.
Well...then go enjoy your corndogs and pabst and quit bitching.
Canon: Get the milk and cookies. Presentation is hilarious, drink is fantastic.
The advantage of Old Sage is that you don't have to put up with the douchebaggery that is Jamie Boudreau.

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