Food & Drink Dec 25, 2013 at 4:00 am

Percy's Is Totally a Period Piece

You have to admit, Percy’s looks great. Kelly O


Snob central in Ballard! Woot!
No thanks.
Please more bowler hats, overpriced scratch everything, and historical reenactor bartenders.

Does one ring a secret doorbell to gain entry to the secret backroom where smart people are drinking Rainier and laughing at all the suckers through a one-way mirror?
Oh, you bunch of curmudgeons. I'll give it a whirl, sounds quite nice.
I'll go to Wild Waves with a can of Oly if I wanted to drink at a theme park, thanks
The Old Town that was replaced in this spot was already a period piece.
I find re-enacty bars with stupid secret-entry type stuff to be annoying. I find Percy's to be quite delightful (I've only ever sat in the heated, partially open back room, with wool blankets provided) and the food is super-yum, especially the clams in green chile broth.

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