Food & Drink Jan 1, 2014 at 4:00 am

The Food-Related Regrets of 2013

Her only regret is that she hasn’t fed you crickets yet. Kelly O


A bunch rich of food snobs regret this and that. How nice.
I would like to have Meeru feed me crickets whilst naked. Love black hair.
That must be the farthest you can get from a Subway in the lower 48. Surely you can get farther away in Alaska.
Every quote I've ever read from Tamara Murphy in the press is super condescending and annoying.
I regret that Stoup opened literally a block from me two weeks after my positive pregnancy test. I do not regret discovering that Rachel's Ginger Beer is the best morning sickness cure outside of some unsafe-for-fetus phenergan.
For the record, Barrilla Pasta apologized and acknowledged it's mistake.
Holy crap Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe was still there?!
I have a feeling you might be regretting this little snippet soon:

"like anyone needed that extra inch"

I will not succumb to the temptation...
I like Tamara Murphy's comment - nothing condescending about it. I regret eating oysters and mussels at Kel's, not eating more oysters at Ballard Annex and W&C and not finding Mr. Lu's and Memo's sooner.
I regret having dined at a place where the chef believes "Much evidence exists that GM foods are harmful".
"...the closure of Chu Minh Tofu for repeated health violations including pigeons roosting on open vats of tofu."

This you regret? What an idiot.

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