Food & Drink Feb 19, 2014 at 4:00 am

The Chef in the Hat Brings His Chapeau to Downtown

Properly citified for pre- or post-theater. Kelly O


They have a great, imaginative bar program, and it's well priced. Try the lazerac.

Really? 1%??? The most expensive item you mention is a $35 bottle of wine. Does 1% now apply to anything that requires you to put on shoes and doesn’t involve a truck pulled up to a curb?
@2: Agreed, all this 1% bullshit is just plain lazy, knee-jerk writing. The menu has a single entree that's more than $20.

Of course, if you work for the Stranger and its penurious owners then just about everyone else would seem to be in the 1 percent.
Muscadet with sweetbreads? You kind of are a cretin ....

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