Our excellent new beer columnist Mr. Andrew Hall is headed to the City of Angels with his excellent band, Dude York.

(We interrupt this post for a conflict-of-interest alert: You can see Dude York and other excellent bands and drink a lot of excellent local beer at Penumbra in Seattle on March 29. And here, friends: Get $10 off two tickets to Penumbra if you buy them this weekend—just use the code MORELIGHT.)

Mr. Andrew Hall asked me if I knew where to get the best tacos in LA. Answer: No. But my excellent friend Karen Ahn does (she lives in LA and she knows everything: just look). I emailed her, and this is what she said:

My personal favorite taco place is Guisado's, which is right by my house. It is the tits. The tortillas are really hand-made. They do braises instead of the carne asada, al pastor, most of us non-Latinos are used to.

I love My Taco in Highland Park. The barbacoa is heavenly, and the carne asada fries do not mess around.

Tacos Baja Ensenada is DEEP in East LA and because I'm an old lady, I wouldn't go there after dark, but they make the best seafood tacos outside of Puerta Vallarta.

And below are three round-ups from publications I trust. They have a ton of suggestions in them. Don't make fun of me because LA Weekly is on the list.

Jonathan Gold at the LA Times
LA Weekly

Now I know that carne asada fries are a thing, too. APPROVED!