Tito's tacos is an absolute must in LA. Simply amazing.

Unless you're a finicky "I only like authentic Mexican tacos" kind of chump; then you might want to skip it. (I love authentic Mexican tacos, too, but I pity disingenuous food snobs.)
Why would fun be made of the LAWeekly? I'm sure at some time or another they have also been described as "scrappy."
Ms. Ahn sounds like she knows her stuff. Guisados are absolutely delicious, though I've never been to that place. It sounds like paradise.

You should definitely take the time to visit the beating heart of Mexican-Americanism and order three of the iconic taquitos from Cielito Lindo on Olvera Street. Cheesy, yes (I'm not talking about actual cheese here) but good food and a great experience. Olvera Street is just steps from Union Station, which is on the Red and Purple lines, easy peasy from downtown.

Jonathan Gold is the bomb.
The other answer to this is "absolutely fucking anywhere will be better than the best place in Seattle" so it almost doesn't matter where you go.
Hhmmm... Goldy is out, but there's a new "beer columnist"...


Or you could just head to Central Avenue in Kent and stop at El Sabor.

Totally Agree on My Taco. We love that place. The Goat stew is pretty awesome as well, just had that yesterday in fact. mmmm
I realize this may not be the taco you are looking for, being Korean BBQ and all, but Kogi tacos are no joke. If you're near one of the trucks or the Alibi in Culver, get a few spicy pork and short rib tacos.
this is some hard-hitting shit. next time i'm not in l.a., i'll be sure to follow your useless advice.
Also, I'm w/ @5. I was just not saying the other day, "You know what The Stranger could use? Less insightful political reporting and commentary, and more useless information about food/beverages."
Orange County, especially Santa Ana, has amazing Mexican food in general. Despite the chain-looking exterior, Taco Mesa in either Costa Mesa or Orange are both great.

But yeah, there's really no need to go to OC to get amazing tacos.
@4, that's ridiculously untrue. Is LA a better taco city than Seattle? Yes. Is Seattle a wasteland? No. Plenty of great tacos in this city. One of the blessings of the taco religion is that communion with the taco god is so easy to do.
You might as well ask where the best teriyaki is in Seattle... That said there are good tacos in the Seattle metropolitan area, just not really so much in Seattle proper.
El tepeyek in east la was the best pre-expansion, but now I'll put the shithole king taco up for best taco in LA
Guisados has the best tacos. I don't even like tacos much but these are crack. Most people recommend the sampler platter. I say go straight for the chorizo and the quesadilla (saucy seasoned slabs of queso fresco in a fresh warm handmade tortilla). But all the options are great.

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