Food & Drink Mar 12, 2014 at 4:00 am

Or, at Least, the Next Best Thing

A man of excellent taste, a storyteller extraordinaire, and funny as hell, too. Kelly O


The eggs are from Plum Serenity Farm in Chimacum on the Olympic Peninsula!
It's minuscule. Again, any editors left over there?
@2: Thanks, fixed, and yes—one editor, one copyeditor, and one proofreader all missed this, but my mistake, really. (In my defense, I'm usually a great speller, but that word is one of my spelling Achilles' heels.)
" I want a glass of the Ron Burgundy to go with my pork rinds....and I'd like to smell the cap."
Three words: Lime Boon's Farm.
I went a few months ago after reading a review when they first opened, and loved it. They do wine 'right' - decent stemware and the reds at cellar temp as opposed to the all-too-common too-warm 'room temp' - accompanied by simple, straightforward, and excellent small-plate selections at decent prices.
Absolutely love this place!

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