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Renee Erickson Gives Us Something to Get Attached To

You have to go. Kelly O


Bethany, another awesome feature of Barnacle is the Champagne Room, their little table in the back where up to 7 or 8 can sit and be served a prix fixe series of courses with optional wine pairings. It's the Big Ass Barnacle Experience!!! Delicious!!!
I often sit at the bar at The Roanoke and talk food with a couple of regulars. They know their stuff.
I often sit at the bar at The Roanoke and talk hockey, baseball and music with a couple of regulars. They are knowledge on those subjects as well. I have never had the nachos at The Roanoke. Good to know.
Agreed. Barnacle kicks ass. Went in on a whim after the Walrus and Carpenter was packed...three seats at the bar for three butts, it's a deal! I was super impressed by the staff, who were all friendly without being obsequious, and genuinely into the cocktails and food they were serving. Fresh oysters, good charcuterie plate, awesome sardines. I liked how small and personal the bar was. The fairly rare and interesting Italian liquors were largely new to me, so it was great to have a chat about them as we sipped. "Did you like that one? Hmm, here let's try this..." Great time, only spoiled by, perhaps, one too many cocktails...
While I realize this review was not about the Roanoke, I have to pipe up and say that I've tried the Roanoke a number of times and it always feels cliquish and slightly homophobic. Yeah, yeah, sorry...but it does. I'm not a big ol' flaming queen, but my partner and I noticed an odd vibe to the place. Maybe it's me, but the energy there never seems friendly to anyone but the regulars.

Anyway, back to comments about the review of the Barnacle.

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