There won't be any restaurants left at this pace!
They must have closed because of 15now, how sad. Oh wait, 15 hasn't happened yet. I guess restaurants also close for other reasons!
Everyone in the 15now comments like to talk about how easy it is to run a business.
So, it opened less than a year ago, and it's already closing because hasn't yet reached a sustainable level of business?
I thought the headline said something about Cienna Madrid. (Whom Bethany can probably talk smack about now, seeing as she's no longer in the office.)
State senator Michael Swango.
They should just relocate to some place more accessible. Terrific food there but it was a pain for most people on Capitol Hill to hike all the way down there just for a bocadillo.
@3 obviously they went out of business because they were paying their employees an unsustainable wage
First rule of restaurant retail is have enough capital to operate for 3 years before you make a profit

If you don't, cash flow and ebb and flow will kill you. And watch your unit cost & rent (lease)
Noooooo! I've been looking forward to eating there for months! It was going to be my first sandwich on my return to the US!
If good places like this cant raise prices a few dimes to keep them open, what makes people think that paying employees $15 an hour is going to be sustainable? People seem to think that all you need to do is raise prices a tiny bit to pay for the wage increase and here's a popular place thats closing down because they cant raise prices. Even if they managed to stay open, the $15 minimum wage would have easily shut them down.
@12 "we just haven’t reached a sustainable level of business"
Doesn't sound like it was all that popular.
Somewhere around 60% of small, owner-operated restaurants fail within the first year, for numerous reasons, but with incompetent management and poor location siting topping the list. Blaming this particular closure on a piece of legislation that hasn't even been enacted yet is simply egregious fear-mongering, not to mention being rife with logical fallacies.

But hey, thanks for playing. We'll send you the home version of the game...
Journalism! Cry!
Bummer, the world needs more Bocadillos not less. Still had not made it there. Spanish "fast food" is really one of the best ways to eat.
I think the economics of running a restaurant in Seattle just aren't favorable for this sort of place. Fixed costs are relatively high, so a restaurant generally has to go high-end, high-volume and/or huge to succeed here. Chico Madrid wasn't any of those things.

Maybe someone could have better luck with the 100 Montaditos model.
Holy shitsnacks! We need a 100 Montaditos franchise in Seattle ASAP. Somebody please get on that, I am too busy to get started in the restaurant business right now.…

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