'bleeping' can make anything dirty.
Beware my coworker accused me of ruining her entire childhood. Mwahahahahaha!!!!
Mad libs competition time!
"So then I put my hand in her badonkadonk—you’re probably not going to put this on the radio—and then the tricky part is threading the AI gun through her pussy, because you have to get it past the middle part of the cows head. And then deposit it in her thingamajig. Piece of cake. Done deal.”
I bet it would be totally fine to describe, in graphic detail, a cow going through a meat grinder though.

Foonken2 & mikethehammer win the internet for today!
"Udder" would be titillating...
Why the anal fisting?
@7, the vagina is palpated through the rectal wall in order to guide the instrument. (They use arm-length disposable gloves for this purpose and, yes, lube.)
@7 If, like me, a city slicker who had no clue about artificially inseminating cows, you could probably find this on the internet:

"Impregnation is commonly done by shoving a hand into the cow's anus to guide an insemination gun that is pushed into the cow's vagina."

Along with this helpful graphic:

Meh, when I am driving, the last thing I want to hear is a medically accurate description about how a man impregnates a cow.

Besides, if we go to the other side of the equation, wouldn't most people prefer bleeps over a careful description of how they got the semen out of the bull?
@9 My img-src-html-foo is failing. Followed the recipe and everything. Oh, well. Here's a plain old link to the image:…
*puts down piece of cake*

I'm going to be thinking about cow uteri every time I have a slice of chocolate fudge for the foreseeable future.

Why couldn't he have said "piece of pie"? I don't like pie.
KUOW is blander than a glass of milk. This is Seattle so it's better to be dull than offend anybody.
That's udderly ridiculous!
Wait... Did farmer Hibbs have that cow's active consent to violate her like that???
I learned how cows are inseminated from Jackass.
KUOW saved the innocence of thousands of children on that day. Imagine if those poor innocents heard the word 'uterus'. They would have turned into deranged perverts and psychopaths, guaranteed.
I heard it on KPLU earlier this week and immediately emailed them. I think it is ridiculous; we should all be able to handle basic biological discussion. We don't feel the need to bleep ankle or shoulder.
I heard the story. It was pretty clear they were doing it for comic effect.
Yes, they should absolutely bleep a graphic description of sexual assault against an animal, or at least provide a massive trigger warning. Bestiality is now illegal in this state, I hope the "farmer" is being arrested and prosecuted.
Here's my favorite example of the power of the bleep.…
Come to think of it , this might have been on slog a year or two ago.
I was gonna write that they probably didn't want to offend Raku who will think that this is cow-rape. But the crackpot delivered first.
Slow news day, huh?
How fucking stupid. And how do you get to the cervix through the rectum anyway?
"But to keep the listener with me on this important business story, ..." Maybe they should've kept the description out of the story altogether. The bleeping was really distracting. King's explanation is just as dumb as the bleeping.

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