Totally ready to be in your selfie.
  • Totally ready to be in your selfie.

Blue C Sushi is celebrating International Sushi Day, which is apparently a thing and is apparently tomorrow, by giving away a free plate of its conveyor-belt sushi to customers who take and upload a selfie with a Blue C Sushi chef. That's "a self-portrait image," they helpfully explain, and I'm guessing they mean take a selfie with a Blue C chef at any of their six area locations (or at the new one in glamorous Hollywood, California)—not by, say, stalking a Blue C sushi chef and taking a selfie with them while they're asleep.

How exactly are customers supposed to get a selfie with the sushi chefs? The chefs are separated from customers by a conveyor belt full of moving sushi, plus a counter, plus they're busy working, and they probably get terrible—if any—tips, because IT IS CONVEYOR BELT SUSHI. The whole point of the thing is to outright remove the human interaction that accompanies the money-for-food transaction. It is the epitome of mechanized labor—the person is part of the machine, and the machine, in this case, is a literal one in the form of a conveyor belt. If your own self is expected to be part of a machine, is it right that you are also expected to be a part of someone else's selfie? And smile while doing it? But mostly for the Blue C sushi chefs, this is just going to be a pain in the ass.