"The whole point of the thing is to outright remove the human interaction that accompanies the money-for-food transaction. It is the epitome of mechanized labor—the person is part of the machine, and the machine, in this case, is a literal one in the form of a conveyor belt."

I genuinely can't tell if you're trolling with this post or serious. But I'll bite.

Having worked as a chef around Seattle, save for perhaps a food truck or a pizza parlor where kids can watch the pizzas get made, a chef job isn't a position one takes for socializing with customers, usually by virtue of the workload and the physical structure of the building layout.

On the contrary, Blue C offers the opportunity for MORE guest interaction than, say, virtually any other restaurant not involving a conveyor belt. So the "drone/cog cut off from humanity angle?" Sorry, wrong answer, thanks for playing.

As for the chefs having a choice to be in the selfies: It's not different (though I grant, no better) than working at Red Robin and having to sing happy birthday, or Cold Stone Creamery employees singing when cash goes in the tip jar. I can see the privacy concern angle, but if any of the chefs have a Facebook account full of their own photos, that point is also moot.

Does the promotion stipulate the chefs must smile? Or get all buddy-buddy/snuggled up to the selfie takers? Or do they just have to appear somewhere in the selfie ... say, several feet behind the selfie taker, on the other side of the waist-level conveyor belt, making sushi and minding their own business? If it's the latter, then, so what?

So, to answer the headline: no, not even close.
@1 since sushi chefs tend to work right behind a sneeze guard at a bar customers sit at, the conveyor belt may or may not offer Blu C workers or their customers more seeming separation than the standard sushi experience sans belt.

I suppose Bethany thinks it creates more distance, but she also can't seem to figure out how to take a photo with someone in it without having that person pose. So maybe she doesn't have a clue.
It's interesting to read someone here with an actual experience, some expertise etc to share. Thanks.
Wow. Somebody has obviously never been inside a Blue C Sushi, and yet here they are giving their opinion about it.

Just another day at The Stranger, I suppose.
You DO recognize, don't you, that this is a provenly-successful model, and this model is being looked at more closely because of your $15/MW ill-considered cheerleading.

It's called 'Unintended Consequences' not unforeseen.
That got existential fast. Most of that last paragraph could have been from Mudede.

Your answer to all of it is: it's easy advertising through social media, at the cost of their cheapest plate of sushi.
Uh, you don't have to be right next to someone to include them in a selfie. They could be 10 or 20 feet behind you, and not even paying attention.

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