Food & Drink Jun 25, 2014 at 4:00 am

Seattle's Best Caffeine Pedalers

Owners, the Pedal-Powered Coffee Carts Formerly Known as Handlebar Coffee The Stranger


See, the American Dream lives on. No sitting around waiting for a gub'ment herb, get off your asses and make something of yourselves people!
I'm not convinced that "cold coffee and tea" is a great slogan.
Cute, you forgot to mention that any right minded non-lesbian would screw the living daylights out of the pair of them!

Why don't they just opt for the slightly more esoteric (can't be bad in the coffee game) "Drop Bar Coffee"? Would "Good to the last Drop Bar" get them another cease and desist?!

Really buried the lede, calling these guys "nice" and not mentioning how hot they are. But I guess the photo speaks for itself.
I humbly submit "Coffee Pedalers" as a replacement name.

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