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How Did an Army Officer from Afar End Up Running the Urban Buggy in the Central District?


I love this place!
>>who confesses he still eats meat<<

Can't you just say "who still eats meat?" Adding "confesses" is kind of like using the phrase "admitted homosexual"; it implies something wrong with it.
How about adding a food truck and hitting SLU?
Superb writing and reviewing and really makes me wanna check out the place. Thanks, Dave! Your superb critical voice covers cuisine so well too.
@2 and yet the man who "confesses" clearly can see what's wrong with his continued addiction to products of death, when he says: "I believe that a more plant-based diet versus animal products is probably better for the planet," he says. "If veganism is the way to reduce the consumption of animal products—it seems to show that the less animal products and refined sugar you consume, the healthier you are—then why not?" So, it is clear he understands that a plant-based diet is "probably better for the planet" and "healthier", hence, his, and the author's justifiable implication that eating meat does have "something wrong with it."
@5 I concede that eating less meat is likely healthier. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that eating no meat is best way to go.

Just because a little of something is good, it doesn't mean a lot of it is better. And just because a lot of something is bad, it doesn't mean that a little of it is bad as well.
@6 Well, in this case, the environmental impact of your diet directly relates to how much meat you eat, so eating a little meat isn't actually better for the planet than eating no meat...

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