In the entrance to Greenwood's Cozy Nut Tavern is a terrarium of plastic plants and taxidermied squirrels sipping bottles of airline liquor around a Barbie-sized campfire. When asked if the squirrels were found dead that way, co-owner Taryn Roy says, "I'd like to think so." The bar's adorable interior is cedar from a barn in Duvall, where she and her husband, Sam Weyer, live and raise geese. Taryn, Sam, Sam's brother Jacob, and their friend Andrew Mitchell all own the Cozy Nut together, and Jacob and Andrew built almost everything in the place from scratch. Truly, almost everything: They even hand-made the brass lamps, after first making their own small brass foundry and collecting scrap metal. The bar is topped with slices of lacquered telephone pole—which was found "by the side of the road" but not in use holding up wires, Taryn says.

"The Cozy Nut" refers to edible nuts, but also friendly, eccentric regulars. Taryn hopes to accumulate a few such nuts. Of the menu, Taryn said, "Not to sound hobbity, but in the 18th century, you might find the same things in a pub—cheese and meat. Not that there's anything wrong with hobbits." Less 18th century: the tequila-based "Oso's Paradise," which is pleasantly fizzy and fruit-sweet instead of corn-syrup saccharine, and the tasty vegan meatloaf sandwich ($5) with tangy German coleslaw, a sweet, smoky sauce made by Jacob, and the soft white bun of backyard barbecues. recommended