How many times did you shop there?
i went there once and the woman who owned it was a total B! i hate to see any business fail, but good riddance.
Sorry to see a bit of quirk leaving the neighborhood, but I and many neighbors would love to see a good everyday bakery go in there (shocking that I didn't need a penis cake on a daily basis, I know). Besalu, Bakery Nouveau, Columbia City Bakery, Macrina ... anyone want to fill the hole?
Vulva cake sounds like a medical condition.
45th needs more Asian eateries. I hope it'll become a Thai, Japanese or Pho restaurant.
It's the internet's fault.
@5, you sound disgruntled, but being the New Japantown is what's keeping 45th alive at this point.
@3 HA! Fill the hole.
@5 Are you familiar with the UW student population demographics?
@6: Paul Constant will blame Amazon.
I'm sorry for the loss of a quirky little shop in a city that needs all it can get. Though this one, flourishing as it did during the great Wallingford Yuppification, never made my (admittedly outdated) list of "cool/old school Seattle."
I thought it was kind nice for the neighborhood. Wallingford is such a tight ass crowd. It's tough being in retail, and I can understand being tired. Agree with @1 that you show your support by going in and buying something - not with pieces tying together the Hurricane closing, which I am not seeing any connection to whatsoever.
I'll always think of Patrick Stewart when it comes to Erotic Bakeries!…

I'm going to go ahead and dream a little, and hope they put a really great record store in. Yeah, I know.
I, too, lament the loss of this quirky place. I remember a Metro bus driver explicitly calling "... Erotic Bakery, ..." out as part of one of his stop announcements, but that was back before pre-recorded bus stop announces which IS YET ANOTHER DESTRUCTION OF SEATTLE AWESOME! Grrrrr. (Anyone ever ride with the SMILE! bus driver? Is he still around?)

Anyway, yeah, funky place. I never bought anything there because the cakes looked like standard sheet cakes with naughty bits added on... not all that appealing to me. When I want a vulva cake I want the whole damn thing to be a frickin' vulva! (I'll post the photo if I can find it quickly).
@9: Most of the Asian eateries on 45th are too high-end for UW students, who have cheaper options along The Ave.

@14: Got a problem with Golden Oldies?
Frankly, I'm surprised erotic bakeries have lasted this long. Sorry for your loss, Seattle.
@15 HE IS SO GREAT. I haven't seen him in a while though, which troubles me. I still get his Ride Free Zone song stuck in my head even now that the RFZ is long dead.

My favorite memory of the Erotic Bakery is when I had a buddy that worked there, and for a friend's bday he took a photo of him in tight pants, transferred it to the cake in a way that made him look pantsless, and added a gigantic marzipan dick. (Also fun: in the photo, he's in a chokehold at a Partman Parthorse show)…
Why do we need erotic bakeries anyway? They still make twinkies.

I have no way of knowing if he's the same guy, but I've had a driver on the ST 545 congratulate his transit congregation on successfully arriving at their destination and reminding them to smile because it's another great day about 50 times.

The schtick gets a little old after a while, but he's a sweet guy, so no complaints.
"I thought it was in the shape of Florida."
@16, I love Golden Oldies. I have an account there. I've been shopping there since they were over on Roosevelt and only carried 45s, more than 30 years ago. But I want another.

@20, which cheap teriyaki joints are you referring to? I'm talking about the string of Japanese restaurants, none of which except for Teriyaki Madness, can be called either "cheap" or "teriyaki" -- Musashi's, Kozue, Shima, Issian, 4649, Ramen Man, or Miyabi, that have transformed the neighborhood. Apparently you haven't noticed.
I wonder if the growth of foodie culture has inspired more people to DIY their own erotic cakes - thus the decline in demand?

Fill the hole? hehe


Most drivers never announced stops though.
@24, so, you're talking about University Way, which is a different street than 45th Ave N.
They were just never able to break into the lucrative children's birthday party market, for some reason.
First it was Louie's Cuisine of China and now the iconic Erotic Bakery ! When will the $15 min wage carnage end ?…
Why do we need erotic bakeries anyway? They still make twinkies.
There are plenty of ads in the back of The Stranger for Twinkies.
TIL 1986 is "old Seattle." I guess that would make me "old Boston." Except no, that would be preposterous. Oh, you West Coast and your young little cities....
I remember when it was called Marzi Tarts (dating myself, I know)! True, there are few occasions that necessitate penis/vagina cakes (bachelor/bachelorette parties were the only events I purchased cakes for: 3 total, all 20+ years ago); but I do love quirky things and I will miss them!
@27 And you're talking about N/NE 45th St, which is also different from 45th Ave N.
Yeah I don't think this is a depression in Seattle culture. How often can you buy erotic cakes before your circle of friends begin to think it's no longer funny? Am I supposed to buy a huge penis cake for my 90 y/o Nana's birthday? They're gag gifts, they're not actually erotic. They don't really turn anyone on and they don't put anyone in the mood for sex. We should congratulate them for fully milking the joke dry within 28 years. Bravo.
One more marzipan penis before it closes! More of old Seattle is gone!
@29 Don't be ridiculous. No minimum wage has increased yet and even then The Erotic Bakery and Louie's Cuisine would only be increased to $10 on April 5, 2015. Which I bet you they already had, since McDonalds currently pays $9.32. You appear quite out of touch.
This shit has been tacky as hell for years. Good riddance to bad taste.
This sucks one of those big penises adorning a cake from there !
@chza- you have no sense of humor I take it.
Well . . . did it offer gluten-free products? If not, it's just another victim of America's lunatic foodie trends. (Now I bet a whole lotta people are gonna jump up and down and shout they have issues with gluten. Yeah, right, you do. We all know you're really on low-carb diets. Wink. Wink.)
I like eating penis cake... Where am I going to get my penis cake?
Jesus, #27, we're not talking about the plethora of Korean sushi dens and Vietnamese teriyaki noodle houses. We're talking about the impending loss of one of the only places in Seattle where you can buy a cake in the shape of a gigantic penis. Or boobs. Or pussy. Or GOATSE.

It is the end of an era.

Now pardon me while I go over to the Seattle Times Forums and bitch about homosexuals in skin tight leather bunn huggers gyrating their pelvis at cute teen boys...
I always loved the "Breast Wishes and Much Happenis" words on the couples raunchy wedding shower cakes with pictures of said words.
As is always the case, when the money moves in, the culture moves out.
The owner Kimmie has rarely been in the store the last few years. She's not burnt out, she's tired of owning a business that's barely keeping afloat doing something she hasn't had any passion for in a really long time. The business has been quietly for sale for years. She's run out of patience waiting for that 1 in million person who would buy it. While it's sad people will have to look elsewhere for novelty cakes and penis tiara's, its no surprise. This place spends every winter counting pennies hoping to make it to Spring and the bachelor/bachelorette season. And let's be completely honest. The cakes were boxed mixes brought in, they aren't exactly the creme de la creme of penis cakes.
@45, did the money moving in cause the owner to get tired or reduce the demand for penis cakes? As is always the case, the comments have nothing to do with the post, and everything to do with the commenter's existing views.
I hear the new bakery that moved in will offer them up by special order! Way to class it up Art of Confections!

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