Where r the pumpkin spice/ caramel apple Cadburys mini eggs though?
@1 RIGHT? Cadbury has Halloween "scream eggs" which are their regular creme eggs but with green "yolk" instead of yellow. They taste the same, but creep me out.
The absurdity arms race has reached an apex (or nadir) with the addition of pumpkin spice latex:…
Carmel apple won't take off until Starbucks makes it a flavor.These candies are to lower-class.

Damn this new phone.
Dammit. I came here to post the same image as Josh Bis @4!
@3 - If they were serious about horror candy, it would be red cream.
@5 "Carmel apple won't take off until Starbucks makes it a flavor."

Starbucks is _way_ ahead of you.

Also, behind you.

And to your left and right.
Criminy, people -- just buy chocolate: the premier sugar delivery system.

And not pumpkin spice/caramel apple flavored chocolate.

If I'm going to tempt adult onset diabetes, I'm going the chocolate route.

Starbucks has had apple cider topped with caramel syrup for years.
I was seeing winter ales at my local supermarket the other day. Then over the weekend it was 90 degrees in Portland.
I didn't look at all the pics before I voted. I vote barf & cry.
But caramel apple is an actual thing with an actual flavor.
Pumpkin spice is not a thing at all.
There are caramel apple Oreo cookies out now. They're kinda good and kinda gross.
Did you find all these products at one store? If so, which store?
@14 if they called the flavor Pumpkin Pie instead would you be okay with that? Or Pumpkin Pie Spice?
I say there's plenty of room for both Carmel Apple and Pumpkin Spice in the fall foods thunder dome. Two flavors enter and they agree to work out their differences over a hot cup of Chai-der.
Those caramel apple pops (3rd pic from the top, tootsie brand) have been around forever (at least in MN/the Midwest). You know a "seasonal" "flavor" has become pretty much too mainstream/popular when it gets its own Oreo variety (though TBH, I thought the caramel apple Oreos weren't all that bad).

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