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I love the idea of the Hotel Albatross! I used to point out my favorite bar to friends and have them say "Azteca?" All sad for me. I was of course pointing out Ocho. Hazlewood has been too crowded for me for a long time so I'm excited about the size of that Azteca space.
So is the Hotel Albatross just going to be a restaurant with "hotel" in the the name, or an actual hotel?
@2: A bar/restaurant, not an actual hotel ("You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!").
Cue the Ballard whiners complaining about the hotel Stoneburner is in.
Hotel Albatross in Serifos would be a great place to model this after…
@4: God, is that thing ever ugly.
At least Aztec has the excuse of being from an era where there was no historic district supposedly charged with protecting against such monstrosities.
So, as someone who studiously avoided eating at that Azteca for 10 years (primarily on the basis of my suspicion that a colitic dog was responsible for the refried beans), may I inquire as to what the Hotel Albatross crew uncovered?
The Maple Bar had the worst pulled pork I've had in the city. I sat there frowning at it for a solid 20 minutes. Its like a flavorless stewed pork with carrots and onion on a soggy bun. The chicken caesar salad my wife had was tasty. Service was really meh for only 4 tables with people at them. The beer list was pretty depressing for the quality choices that're typically available in Seattle and the bartender had no clue what was on tap (only like 5 or 6 options). It's like the beer list was curated about 10-15 years ago. We'll give it another shot later on and hope they get the kinks worked out but for now we'll stick with Coopers/ Last Drop Bottleshop as our neighborhood bars.

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