Trichome—which is "a lifestyle boutique, not a marijuana retailer" in the ID, according to events coordinator Gwen—is hosting its own version of wake-and-bake with a series of free Sunday morning tastings of "Cannabis & Coffee." The first one is this Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. ("Decibel Festival hangovers welcome!"), and the "Elevated Coffee" is "an elegant blend" of pour-over coffee and cannabis-infused coconut oil. They're using beans from Lighthouse in Fremont, and Gwen says the idea is modeled on "bulletproof" coffee. The tastings are 21-and-over only.

Is this legal? Washington State Liquor Control Board spokesperson Mikhail Carpenter says that while giving away pot in whatever form is technically illegal, they wouldn't have any jurisdiction over an operation that does not hold a pot retailing license—that'd be a matter for local law enforcement. On that front, Seattle Police Department spokesperson Sean Whitcomb says, "We do have our priorities, and those priorities start with violent crime, property crime, and other quality-of-life issues," and that the SPD response to, say, a cannabis-infused coffee tasting would be data- or complaint-driven—that is, data that there's a lot of crime in the area around the time of the tastings (at which we both laughed), or if neighboring businesses express concern (which also seems unlikely). "We're a responsive government agency," he said. "I doubt it's gonna rate for the narcotics section."

Moreover, is this pot-infused coffee thing a good idea? To me, it sounds like a poor man's speedball, with the coffee as the giddyup and the pot as the whoa, man. David Schmader opines that it all depends on whether it tastes good; otherwise, you could just get high and have a cup of coffee separately. And as with any ingestion of marijuana, you'd want to be very careful about your dose. The logical thing to do afterward would be to go eat your weight in dim sum at Jade Garden, but first you'd have to wait a million years crammed into their foyer, which might bum your stone. Sure, there are tons of other good places to eat in the ID, but you'd reallllllllly want Jade Garden.