The massive Mt. Fuji burger is back!
  • Kelly O
  • The massive Mt. Fuji burger is back!

Fans of Katsu Burger, rejoice! The tonkatsu-style burgers are back in Georgetown—including the mammoth Mt. Fuji burger, with its multiple patties, bacon, cheese, and egg, and more. Original owner Hajime Sato—who was just stretched too thin with also running West Seattle’s beloved sustainable sushi joint Mashiko—has sold the business to Stephanie Kang. Kang and her husband also own Kimchi Amigos, a newish kimchi-fried-rice burrito place in Bellevue. Prior to that, the Kangs ran First Hill's well-liked Sushi Kanpai (they sold it in January, after six years, and it's still up and running under new management).

Kang says she's been a fan of Katsu Burger for a long time; when she heard it was closed, she says, "I could not the legend go down in history." As far as the menu goes: "We're gonna stick with what works... the menu's staying exactly the same, because that's what people like." She hopes to eventually open several other Katsu Burgers in the area, including one on the Eastside. The Georgetown shop officially reopened this past Sunday.

Here's Charles Mudede on the ginormous Mt. Fuji burger:

I recently attempted to conquer a massive burger called Mt. Fuji at Katsu Burger, an uncommon restaurant in a common strip mall in Georgetown. This burger looks nothing like Mount Fuji; it's not beautiful, or smooth, or serene. It's an uneven stack of deep-fried meats, rich sauces and spices, and vegetables that wants nothing more in the world than to collapse all over your plate. When you look at it, what you instantly see is the mess it will become the moment you put your hands on it. When you hold it to your face, you do not know where to begin. The thing is just too big... [it] has bacon, cheddar cheese, a fried egg, a beef patty, wasabi and spicy mayo, pickles, tomatoes, onions, shredded cabbage, tonkatsu sauce, a thick pork cutlet, and an even thicker chicken breast—all of this stacked up on a bun. This burger is not a mountain but the whole farm. All the basic animals of our diet are in it: cow, pig, chicken. And the beef, pork, and bird are all done katsu style: dipped in tempura batter, coated with panko, and deep-fried (like all Katsu Burger's burgers, which are also growth hormone– and antibiotic-free). The thing is, of course, insane.

Go try to surmount it if you dare... or have a normal, non-mountainous Katsu burger. They're open for lunch right now.