Food & Drink Oct 29, 2014 at 4:00 am

Reasons to Revisit Le Pichet, Boat Street Cafe, and Machiavelli

Kelly O


I love Boat Street! It's a great Saturday lunch/glass of wine spot. I only discovered it last summer, but better late than never. $16 steak au poivre, yum! Perfect for lunch.

The acoustics need a little work though, the bare concrete walls can make it very noisy sometimes.
Anti-resentful, anti-tough, anti-fancy? How about "accommodating", "tender", and "simple"?

The lack of a thesaurus is anti-good.
A whole article about Le Pichet without mentioning their gรขteau de foie? Are you trying to make sure there's some left for you?
Both the chalk portrait of Jeffrey the Dog and the parasols came from this man:

The parasols were put up for my best friend (and Curtis' partner) Robert when his 40th birthday party was held at the newly-opened Boat...
Yup, good choices and well-described.
Le Pichet. My favorite Seattle restaurant for more than 2 decades. Here's to it remaining so for twenty more years. Their simple house salad with the hazelnut-orange vinaigrette is the best green salad around.
God, Machiavelli? Really? There are so many good (and better) italian restaurants in Seattle. It would be like saying that we need to support Borrachini for pastries (gag). How dated, boring, non-authentic and just plain forgettable. Obviously BJC needs a trip to Italy. Please please Stranger Board or Executive Director, send her over there, so she'll finally get what it's about and stop writing these preposterous reviews about "awesome" italian restaurants.
@7 Machiavelli may be "dated, boring, non-authentic," but it's still packed every night after 25+ years while many "good (and better)" places have come and gone.
@8 Sure, so let's just stop writing restaurant reviews and just keep a ranking of how long places have been open and their occupancy rate. The fact is that mentioning Machiavelli and Italian food in the same sentence is just embarrassing.
Agree with #9, the fact that have been open for so long and are packed doesn't mean anything. Look at Buca di Beppo, been around for years, bad food, people still love it.

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