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Four Dishes You Can Enjoy with Abandon

There are few things more gratifying than liberating crab meat from its hard shell with your hands. Kelly O


Cook Dungeoness crab (a couple inches of water in the bottom of the pot is fine, some or all of it can steam) for 18 minutes from when the water boils no matter how large or small the crabs or they'll be undercooked and therefore yucky.
The fish head part of the story was yucky. I enjoyed reading everything else (even though I don't eat meat myself).
The BF and I just checked out Ho Ho's fish on your was a total mistake to order anything else. So good and primal-feeling! If you can, ask for some of the garlic-jalapeno stuff they serve their fried prawns with to go on the side....great flavor! Cost us just under $40 for the fish alone but it's good to live a little. Very friendly waitstaff. Thanks!
As a vegetarian for sentimental (rather than gastro/intestinal) reasons, I found this piece delightfully porny.
I STRONGLY recommended cleaning Dungeness before cooking them. I suspect a lot of people cook them alive and whole because they're squeamish about killing them, but suck it up. I think it's more humane to kill them before putting them in boiling water, and when you see what comes out of their gills, you'll be very glad you cleaned them. I split them down the middle (which kills them quickly and opens them up for cleaning), wash out the gills thoroughly, then cook.
So, how many single moms does the Stranger have on staff?
"eating like a wild animal" in the city would be such a terrible niche market in the world of lumbersexuals. so let's just knock it off right here.
Is Abarrotes El Oaxaqueño closed?? Yelp says that it is... :(
@9 Abarrotes El Oaxaqueño is not closed! The Yelp listing refers to its previous incarnation across the street in the parking lot of MacPherson's.

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