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Here’s Where to Fill the Paseo-Shaped Vacancy in Your Sandwich Hole

The Stranger


For vegetarians, I recommend Georgetown Liquor Co, and specifically The Baron:…
Seattle's sandwiches get very good. Paseo was the only one that was GREAT.

These suggestions definitely get pretty good, but none of them are life-changing, jewish deli in LA/NYC sandwiches.

I swear it has something to do with bread.
Just cross the street and have a great sandwich at Dots. Wait, shit...
"This isn’t a sandwich you could walk with, and that’s a key Best Sandwich requirement"

Like the pork sandwich at Paseo? Or the torta at Pica ("it’s messy—one bite I took caused a geyser of angry red sauce to erupt from the sandwich")?
Martino's is my current favorite.
Two comments -

First, I want to give a nod to the chicken mole torta from Rancho Bravo at 10th and Pine. That's a fine sandwich.

Second, don't you guys have a brand new food writer? Shouldn't she be using this gastronomic crisis as her breakthrough moment? I love the Stranger, and I just don't think that asking Paul Constant to write every single article is your best long term strategy.
How about La Bodega?
Salumi is delicious.
Ahogada torta at Poquitos- it ain't a Cuban but for a pork sandwich, tough to beat.
Homegrown is pretty good.
Grinders in Shoreline. Get the Gilbano.
Personally, I am partial of the spicy mandarin at Berliner. I know, it's dönner, but damn is it good.
Bongos, not so much!
Grinders in shoreline... I have mixed feelings about that place. big props for being that good in what feels like the middle of nowhere food-wise. But inconsistent and sometimes it feels like they just go "most ridiculously rich" versus a karmic balancing act like paseo...
was sad about Paseo but this article reminded me that a cheesesteak with cheddar; just meat and cheese, is a GREAT sarnie. Love TATs, saves me from a crap day at work .
Royal Grinders! The Italian grinder restored my faith in sandwich humanity.
@2 Have you had the Salumi porchetta? I'd honestly put it up against the amazing stuff Paseo made. It's that good.

Another that's not on this list is the chicken torta at Fogon. It's incredibly well balanced and only $5 at happy hour (and is huge).

The Rancho Bravo tortas are also good, but, sadly, not great.
I really like Cafe con Leche in SODO for their platters.
It's really beautiful inside too.
What about Geo's? The obvious heir to the Cuban sandwich throne. Across the street from Paseo Ballard location.
If you feel like cooking, check out InSonnetsKItchen blog for her "Paseo Chicken Inspired Recipe with Carmelized Onions."
Honeyhole, honestly.
Anyone consider Porkchop&Co. over in Ballard? They made an awesome Porkchop sandwich, bone in.
Honeyhole. get the Fast Eddie
Even though it's not exactly in the same realm as Paseo, we do have Katsu burger again, and that helps take the sting out of the whole affair a little more.
My favorite is the Honey Hole. And
I found out there is a sandwich place by the same name.
No mention of the pulled pork slider at Pinky's in Wallingford -- for shame! It is the best $4 you can spend on food in Seattle.
Why does Paul Constant indulge his creative writing talent at the expense of making good food sound disgusting?

Example:" bite I took caused a geyser of angry red sauce to erupt from the sandwich and spray over the corner of my mouth..."

What was the point of this superfluous exercise delivered by the Stephen King of restaurant critics? It certainly fails to whet the appetite of a potential paying customer in search of a wonderful sandwich experience.
Another vote for Grinders in Shoreline. The Gilbano or the Dipper are outstanding. They are so big, you could easily make two meals out of one sandwich.
Grinders in Shoreline, notwithstanding, there is still NO great hoagie to be had here. The late, great Other Coast Deli came the closest to hoagie heaven, but after it's owner sold it nothing appeared to take its place. Sigh.
Saying Tats and Salumi have too many good sandwiches to be a clear rival is a cop-out to make the pace/theme of your article flow more easily.
I don't get why people think paseo invented the sandwich, Cuban sandwiches are Tortas just like Mexican ones are and Spanish ones. You're telling me if you were in another country and saw that a restaurant had a grilled cheese you would assume that they invented the grilled cheese and no where else in the world is grilled cheese made and its the best grilled cheese cause its the only one you've tried. Paseo just showed that people are like lemmings, following other idiots around believing nonsense things.
For an awesome Viernamese sandwich - go to Plume near University Village. The pork banh mi is to die for. With jalapeños.
But Geo's (across the street from the Ballard location) makes a Paseo's "Tribute" sandwhich. same recipe different bread ;)

cus he doesn't work FOR these restaurants. and cus he's perfect.
Has anyone mentioned the Papa Bois food truck? They make great Caribbean sandwiches.
blackened salmon sandwich at BALLARD BROTHER'S is a great sandwich.
Tat’strami wins.
Ballard bros! Blackened salmon, if I have a gun to my head. So many choices, super fresh.
Here's an article talking about what the Best in Seattle, and there's always gotta be a snob (@#2) talking about "life-changing" "LA/NYC" sandwiches.

Not only is that comment irrelevant, it's also telling:

jnmend, #2, if your life can be changed by a sandwich, it must not be a very substantial life.
Ballard Brothers crushes your face with nom. As far as burgers are concerned B Bro's holds it down with the finest ingredients in town. Premium grade beef imported from K.C., MO the capital of beef! Tonight I relished in burger heaven: angus chuck patty grilled to perfection with bombastic red relish, newly introduced garlic herb mayonnaise, tilamook cheddar and quality bacon. YUM city kids! Go treat yourself to a staple of Seattle sandwich history.

Your grasp of the obvious (in your first comment) is dizzying. Your next comment is simply ridiculous "cuz" your comment is patently impossible.
I'm crying obvious tears
Subway. The one on the Ave.
caffe torino down the street from REI - meatball sandwich makes me tremble with joy, as does eggplant. And for under $10. Mama Mia!
Ragin Cajun at Other Coast Cafe.
I like the ABJ (almond butter and jelly) at Jude's. I eat in every day and the price can only be beat by Jude's Classic PBJ.
The real loss at paseo is the black beans. No one holds a candle close enough for a single photon to touch them. Perfection.

Sandwich was great but there are many sandwiches.
Why are there so few basic (non-Panera) basic, traditional sandwhich/soup/salad places? Like Great Harvest in Bothell. Good bread, some good meat, some fresh toppings. Don't get me wrong, I love spicy and flavorful interesting sandwiches, but once in a while I'd like something a little more comforting.

Also, I'm struggling to find a good Chicago style deli/sandwich sub shop. Not Subway, not Jimmy Johns, just some great bread, salami, romaine, zesty sub oil (not dressing or balsamic), provolone, onions, and pepperonis... drool.
Speaking from experience, LoPriore's meatball is easily edible without a fork (and without wearing half of it).
"Nom Nom Nom" said the adult.

Which sandwich in Seattle do you think has the most of its revenue going to its employees?
@3, sad, right? Dot's Proscetta sandwich was glorious, and their Rueben was the best I ever tasted.
I'm definitely trying that tri-tip sandwich. As a Northern California native, I grew up eating Santa Maria Tri-Tip. It's tough to find that cut up here.
I had a chicken saltimbocca sandwich from Radici on Friday that was really goddamn good.
what an infantile question: best sandwich.
Take 5 on 8th Ave in Ballard makes a sick Reuben but if you're over 40 you might die if you eat one.
Royal Grinders in Fremont doesn't get enough love. That was always my Paseo fallback when the line was too crazy or they were closed for the winter.

Other Coast is rad too. I clearly need to check out some of these other joints though.
Salumi's meatball put's the market pasta bar to shame.
Tat's! The Philly Cheesesteak will bring tears to your eyes. Yummy salty tears of joy.
Honeyhole, duh.

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