This is sad news. I loved that place.
I can't help but think that Tallulah's opening across the street has something to do with this. Although that place is fine, it is a sterile repro-restaurant compared to Kingfish, which is so warm and real and unique. Tallulah's overpopularity must have added a nail into the coffin somehow. If it didn't, I'm still hella pissed. Kingfish is one of my fave Seattle restaurants.
@3, I was wondering the same thing. Kingfish was amazing; it's closing is just another reason not to move back to the hill. *sigh*
This hits me much harder than Paseo closing, even if the latter was permanent. I always took visitors to Kingfish. It was the go-to place for that.
@3 totally. nailed. it. and that is free market/new seattle at its best example. I am not giving all the blame to Tallullah's as I am quite sure after 20 years, one might be ready to throw in the towel. What a bummer, Kingfish will be missed AND thank goodness, I was just there. It will be nearly impossible to get a seat in the final days.
As a semi-regular I will really miss it. 20 years is a looong time in restaurant time. Quality dipped slightly the last four or five years, but it was so high to begin with there is not much to complain about for sure — I bet those ladies are exhausted.

But when you combine this more natural loss with all the others driven by greedy fuck witted developers (the Harvard Exit for instance) there is not much change in our neighborhoods to be happy about.
I am going to deeply miss those good glory grits, but I wish the best of luck to the Coastons on their new venture!
if it's not driven by a lease or $, then sell the business to someone who wants to run it.
Very not happy! I lived a few blocks down 19th when KF opened and it hit every note right: food, warmth, conviviality, and, as Angela notes, easy-on-the-eye staff. It's also where my now-husband and I had our first meeting 11 years ago after connecting on Yahoo Personals. We decided to go from Kingfish to see Triplets of Belleville, confirming a good overlap in taste. Kingfish has been a great slice of the neighborhood and of life, and best wishes, and lots of thank-yous, to the Coastons.
On the plus side, I'm really enjoying the quality of the writing in posts like this from Angela Garbes.
This saddens me greatly. That strawberry shortcake.

Best of luck to the sisters, they will be highly missed.
Oh Max, surely you know that, in restaurant-speak, "...not a lease or financial issue..." means it definitely was a lease or financial issue.

RIP Kingfish. You lasted a long time for Seattle.
bummer. great food and a mighty fine mint julep.
This is bummer news and everything, but holy shit...Philadelphia Fevre just closed?? I've been craving their cheesesteaks all week and was planning on going there once the weekend comes around. Dammit.
Don't be a creep and comment on the attractiveness of the servers. As a server, it is not cute when someone comes in with the expectation that I am their eye candy.
Don't be a creep and comment on the appearance of the servers. As a server, it is not cute when people come in with the expectation that I am their eye candy.
i'll really miss the kingfish. i love everything about this place.

i'm really hoping that we'll hear from the coastons again, and soon. they are lovely and talented people and the we'll be the worse for it if they don't open a new place!

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