Food & Drink Jan 21, 2015 at 4:00 am

Mammoth's Predator Is Not at the Top of the Food Chain


Well, Mammoth did just open, so it's good of you to offer it another shot.
I'm always surprised by reviews that 1, are done within the first month of business and 2, are done with one selection of the menu, as if either of these can be a true determiner of quality and taste. I find this highly unfair and would never use a review like this to determine my willingness to go. Given the amount of money spent to open a new restaurant, that someone would be able to drive business away is discouraging at best. Shame on you. These fine people deserve better.
+1 for the 'why not try more than 1 menu item?' critique
Guys, PC's got a high word count to meet & plenty of Disney products to consume to do it…Mammoth will be judged when they can be fit in
Every sandwich and every beer I've had there so far (which is a lot since I live down the street) has been phenomenal. Like amazingly delicious sandwiches.

Why would you order a root beer? And for the love of god, try any of the other sandwiches. The Irish Elk is unbelievable! I haven't had the predator yet but this review still seems full of shit based off everything else I've had there.

Oh well, guess it's tradition for critics to pan new restaurants. For anyone reading this looking for an actual review, definitely go try it yourself.
I also live around the corner. I really wanted to like this place since there aren't many choices in the neighborhood. I've tried four of the sandwiches, all of which were meh at best. I keep hoping I'll find one I love, but so far nothing really stands out.

The beer selection is great, worth checking out. The place has a fast-food vibe with all the gleaming white and stainless steel surfaces though, so it's not all that comfy to just hang out over a couple of beers.
Agree with most of the comments above...

1. Paul Constant is not a food critic. The Stranger has no food critic. A guy who eats lots of fried chicken sandwiches at Skillet does not a food critic, make.

2. A real food critic would visit more than once and order 3-5 items.

3. A fried chicken sandwich at a BBQ sandwich place? Maybe try something that resides more in their core competency, rather that one of their reach items.

I've felt like the writing on this site was starting to get better with the addition of all the new staff, after an abysmal half year or so. Too bad Mudede and Constant are still stinking the place up.

@5, 7: It's ok to go to a sandwich place and expect a really good sandwich for $10. It's ok to say you're disappointed. The Stranger doesn't pan just to pan.
Someone disagrees with you! Oh no!
Don't care that some disagrees with me, ass. I do care that Constant is a hack and is, most definitely, not a good critic.

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