Food & Drink Feb 4, 2015 at 4:00 am

From Secret Sauces to Rose-Colored Soup, Pop Pop Serves Dishes You Won't Find Anywhere Else in Seattle


I ordered the papaya salad with crab and FOR THE LIFE OF US we could not figure out how to actually eat that crab (LOOK AT THE PICTURE).
Other than that the food was good but nothing special. And be prepared to chill your heels if you go there at the lunch or dinner rush.
I teach at Ingraham, and this is almost literally around the corner. I WILL get some takeout from there for lunch. Soon. Thanks for the tip!
Isaan is actually Northeastern Thailand. Lanna is the North.
I had one of the most amazing meals I've ever eaten at Pop Pop two weeks ago. Wow, it was fantastic, and each dish I tried was amazing. The Red Sea Soup was one of the highlights as I'd never had it before. So full of flavors and textures of the different sea food (and wonderful fish balls with roe in them)...and it's PINK! Not very often you get to eat pink food. It was as fun to eat as it was tasty. Had the Papaya Salad with crab and the braised pork leg. All incredibly delicious, fresh, beautiful plated, and destined to become dishes I will eat again,. It's worth the little bit of a wait as they're making your food to order, and damn, it's SO GOOD! Definitely 5 stars on my palate.

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