Food & Drink Feb 4, 2015 at 4:00 am

A Menu Full of Turkish Delight

More satisfying than a gyro. The Stranger


Sure looks like strips of the standard pressed meat. (Which is a bad thing?)
Yeah, to be honest the part where you promote the lack of rotating, slice-as-you-go meat as an improvement in and of itself is where you lose me.

First, it's definitely not as if gyros use it and kebabs do not. Most of the great kebabs I've eaten involved meat sliced off of a rotisserie. It's not inherently bad.

That being said Cafe Turko is great.
Aplets and Cotlets (from Liberty Orchards, Cashmere, WA) are based on Turkish Delight or lokum, but I find them blandly sweet and can't really tell them apart.

Much more interested in Middle Eastern versions flavored with rosewater, bergamot, mint, etc. Do they make and sell theirs in-house? If so, they're going on my must-visit list.

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