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Including a Gas Station That Serves Fried Catfish 24 Hours a Day

Spud Fish & Chips: This place has been around longer than Ivar’s, and its fish ’n’ chips are even better. Kelly O


I think I once ate at Spud, and (if so) kinda remember the fish being good. But I'm not sure as the memory is so vague.

I did eat at the Beacon Hill Shell Station a couple years ago. I think it was on a holiday like Thanksgiving or something, and it was a pleasant surprise how good a gas station's warming bin of fish was. Plus, being open on major holidays is a good thing. To me, a lot of the businesses on Beacon Ave look kinda shady (or at least dismal), but that Shell Station is a diamond in the rough.
Sunfish on Alki is superb and reasonable. Two cranky Greek brothers run the whole show. Order the one piece and they usually give you two pieces.
News flash: Kelly O likes fish! Who knew.
Spud, regardless of my fond childhood memories, serves sub-par fish with soggy breading. Not quite sure how they've survived.
You can always come out to Alki beach and visit the Sunfish for your dose of surly Greeks but rather tasty Halibut and Chips.
@5 ...

Surely Greeks serving tasty halibut? I'm there, sounds like my kind of folks.
They left out Red Mill Totem House in Ballard. Excellent fish and chips, under $10 (barely for 2 pieces).…
Sunfish is soooo much better than Spuds, it's not even a contest.
@4 bad day? Spud always been good to me. Never a letdown.
Kyoto Terriyaki (Capitol Hill) almost makes some really good fish 'n chips.

But Spud is good, too.
I find the herbiness of the Pacific Inn batter overpowering; it really distracts from the experience given how otherwise perfect it is.

The best at the low-end price point was (is?) Totem House, but I haven't been since the Red Mill people took it over.
Spuds FTW! Also Beacon Hill Shell should be avoided at all costs unless you are buying a tall boy to go with your gizzards on your way to pick up some stones.
One of the things I truly, TRULY miss about my hometown is Spuds. Their breading is just wonderful -- I've never had anything like it anywhere else.

Love you & miss you, Spuds!
Happy hour fish and chips at the Owl n' Thistle can't be beat for $3.50!
To me spuds is second rate. I tried the fried cat at the Shell and found it tasty. The Modelo was also cold and delicious. Thank you for the Shell catfish tip. Good catfish is hard to find around here
As of a few years ago when I last tried them, I really liked the breading and fish of Spuds.
The Ivar's in Wallingford is consistently excellent, and the view is divine.
Spuds? Really? Not good. Seattle fish on california is wayyyy better. Fillets hand battered and fried in house and 2 piece cod on happy hour for $7! Can't beat it
BTW Spud's is owned by Ivar's
Spud's is sub-par, it's usually soggy. I really like Pacific Inn on a hot Summer day, eating on their back deck fish and chips with a beer. But you have to be down for the seasoned breading.
i'm going to biggups Rainier Valley Fish and Chips, they're cheap and tasty and deserve to be better known (at least outside of SE Seattle).
dear Stranger -

go look up who owns Spud. hint. it's not not the same owner as a restaurant you compare them to. :)

happy eating!
Ivar's actually owns only the Spud at Alki. The other locations are still owned by the same family that has always owned them.
Wow I had F&C at "Pacific Inn" on Stone Way for the first (and only) time last week, and it was just AWFUL; everyone in my party really hated their food. Too bad because its one of the few potentially fun olde-tyme dive-bar joints that hasn't been leveled (yet) for another rabbit-hutch high-rise condo.

I'd say that you HAVE to pay over $10 for decent F&C these days. My personal fave go-to is "Little Chinook's" at Interbay Fishermen's Terminal; I usually have F&C there once a week. The Ballard Lock's "Red Mill Totem House" is good but its just a madhouse; you have to be in the right mood to brave it, and "be as one" with the jam-packed crowd.
A charming list, especially w/the inclusion of the Beacon Hill Shell Station. Not as good late at night, but you're drunk, so who cares? The Sloop Tavern is a glaring omission.
Redmill Totemhouse has the best fish and chips in Seattle by far!
I agree ! How could you leave Totem House off this list ??? !! Tartar sauce is the bomb. Their breaded Fish sandwich is amazing.
Pints at the Pac Inn are $5.25, so I think the owner gets out more often that your server gave him credit for.
Best in the city is Jack's Fish Spot in the sanitary market.

That Shell station serves up fried chicken that I've had plenty of at 3AM. I'll try the catfish next time.
screw Pacific Inn Pub. In 2000, we were watching the olympics in the bar and the assholes turned them off and put on Nascar instead. Like, WTF - is this really Wallingford/Fremont?
I can't believe you think spuds is better than Sunfish on Alki! Spuds SUCKS compared to Sunfish. Also the fish shop on California ave. just north of the junction is also way better that spuds. Do a better job of your research next time. It's no wonder I don't take the strangers suggestions seriously about food!
JimmyZ in West Seattle

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